Checkers and Rally's / service at 2 locations of rally"s in, st louis mo.4949 natural bridge 6710 w. florissant

I live in Jennings, mo.. and I go to Rally's every Sunday and sometimes during the week. I try hard to go to the Rally's near where I stay. But the service at both of these Rally's has been a nightmare. Everytime I go either they do have what you want or the machines or broken. Or you get in the line that they only except the correct change. and you not able to get out of the line.I feel you don't have enough worker are poor pissed manager don't have the staffed. I would love to stay in my area to dine in. But I can't. And why is it they are still advertising fries for a 1.00 any size and the stores don't let us have it.The staff is so nasty with you.I know a lots of people refuse to come back.As if you care. I just might start going to Burger King instead. If my 89 year mother loves you guys fries. I would not go back.I never seen this happen the away from my neborhood.Please address this problem with your staff. Thank you

Jun 03, 2018

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