Checkers and Rally's / employees at owensboro ky store

Owensboro, KY, United States

10/21/2018 I went to Rally's to make an order and all 3 of the employees were strung out on drugs. There was a teen also working and he heard them talking about getting so high that they couldn't function just hours before work. There were 2 talking about marijuana and the shift manager was talking about overdosing himself on pain meds. While I was in the store waiting to make my order (15 min) there were at least 3 customer complaints on messed up orders. The cashier I was trying to order from refused to wait on me because he was so high he didn't realize I was an actual person. I reported it to the police department but no results. The cashier that I was facing, Name is Aaron Eves. The sandwich maker, Darren Hagan both were high and the shift manager, Matthew Bowles was the one on pills. Please do something about this store since everyone is afraid of their food being tampered with due to the employees being strung out on drugs.

Oct 22, 2018

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