Checkers and Rally's / closing early before time

You're Riley's is over by the airport I delivered at Delta air freight I stopped over at sure rallies at 9247 middle belt role in Romulus Michigan and IPC view to get out my semi truck to go to the window and make a order place order when I try to knock on the window I see a young lady would read here a normie and then I try to get her attention going to the other window by this time IA and another individual came to the window to tell me that they were close the sign on the window set for am and it was about 3:15 when I went to the window is it policy to close early jester close you wanna go home and not stay open Stay open the posi time that is documented I mean but I set then watch countless people get turned away trying to get some to eat late night.

Jun 03, 2018

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