Cheapoair / cheapoair robbed me!

New York, NY, United States
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The reason I'm writing this is quite simple - I got scammed and need help. I tried to resolve this peacefully with CheapOair, but it seems like they are not interested in helping me.
I booked a flight via their service and cancelled it the same day. Customer service rep said I'll get my money back any time soon but that never happened. Then they simply ignored me for over month! I called many times, sent emails, but everything was useless - they did not reply. In my last message I warned them that I was planning to hire a lawyer and only after that they finally contacted me. That was just an automated message stating they were very sorry for all the trouble and asked me to contact them as soon as possible. Tried and nothing happened! I'm tired of this, going to sue them.

Feb 2, 2017

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