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Booked a flight from 9/18 - 9/25 (not to mention the fact the flight prices went up every single time I selected to "Buy") started out as $250 round trip, came back, sorry, no longer available!. Then up to $380, sorry "no longer available", then up to $420 and it finally took! EXACT SAME FLIGHT, days, times, etc!!) So, then, got on the plane and there were literally 5 other people on the plane! Flight home was supposed to happen today, at 7:16 from Austin, TX to Branson, MO. HAVE to get back to work tomorrow!! No flight, no one can help me, terminal shut down at Austin airport, etc.! Have been on the phone with Awful horrible customer service people from CheapOair, on hold for over 30 minutes for a manager; called on another phone, gave me a bogus phone number to call!! Tried messaging on Facebook, and at first, gave me bogus info that they were trying to help! Then another message came through that they can't even help!!?? OMG, talk about a HORRIBLE company, AWFUL experience and they should NOT be allowed to do any business AT ALL. No one can help, no one knows what they are talking about and NO ONE SPEAKS ENGLISH!!!

Sep 25, 2017

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