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Per chases offer, I did a balance transfer on line for 3000 from chase to my citibank account.
My account was debited but on money showed in my citibank account. Called chase. They told me that I had a wrong account number entered. They said citibank will return the check and i'll get a letter and my account will be credited. No letter, no credit... One month, two, three... Called and called and called, talked to customer service, supervisor, no one wanted to move a little finger. I went on line disputed the transaction. Got credit just for the 3000 not for the service charge. After for months my account was debited for 3000 again. Called, citibank deposited the money in the account of some man, with different name, different gender, has nothing to do with me. The chase supervisor was sarcastic and arrogant and didn't give a damn. She told me it's up to citibank now, I have to call them. What am I to tell them, I asked. She said 'figure it out. Not our problem'. Three thousand dollars just went to someone's account because chase didn't bother to put a stop payment on the check even though I called them 100 times. Now they want me to pay them the 3000 dollars. The money that I trusted them with and trusted them to be sent through their web page to the right source. A bank stealing 3000 dollars from you. How's that for a customer service.

Oct 29, 2017

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