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Charter Communications / internet service outages

1 Vass, NC, United States Review updated:
Contact information:
Phone: 910-556-1035

We moved into our house a month ago, and signed up with Charter for super-fast (20mbps) internet service, since I work from home and need access to the internet on a regular basis to do research and generally conduct business.

We have been immensely disappointed with the service, which a) is almost never as fast as advertised, and b) suffers from regular outages that prevent the internet from working at all.

Since we've moved in, there have been an average of THREE NIGHTS/WEEK where the internet just completely goes down and nothing is accessible. This also happens sometimes during the day, which is wreaking havoc on my ability to conduct business.

Charter's tech support is incredibly unhelpful, since the only thing they can do is set up service appointments (and they can't even do THAT when there's a "declared outage" in the area). Of course when the techs come out, they come at a time when the internet appears to be working fine, so they can't diagnose any problem. That's because the problem is that it's not a problem with my house or my's Charter's terrible internet service system! We run high-end computers, with high-end routers, and we even bought our own high-end modem to see if that would fix the problem. When none of that works, I have to assume that Charter's internet service is to blame for the problems.

This is a systemic problem that Charter does not appear interested in addressing; when I call tech support, they say there is no way for them to escalate the call, and that I should go into a local office. Trouble is, the local office is AN HOUR away from me (and an hour away from the nearest metro area as well).

I am extremely disappointed with Charter, and am seriously considering switching to some sort of satellite service, despite the fact that their advertised internet speeds are much slower, and we've had satellite before and hated it.

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  • Sn
      4th of Mar, 2010
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    Totally agree with this. I get disconnected several times a day and have had no luck getting Charter to do anything about the problem. Is there anything we can do/anyone we can contact?

  • Cg
      17th of Apr, 2010
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    OMG I'm having the exact same problem. Every night the internet goes from 20mbit to 1-3 at most, sometimes HALTS to nothing - CRAWLING. I do business online and I can't stand this outage bs. I called to see what's up and I get the automated "there is an outage in your area" bs answer so I continue pressing buttons until I get to a person. This person just tells me there is an outage and they are working as fast as they can to fix this. It's been almost a month now!!! I'm paying for the 16mbit internet and in turn I get it only during the day and damn close to nothing at night. I'm sick of this and the fact that I have no choice in internet companies. The system is messed up and needs fixing. Government-ran internet? lol... I think it's coming.

  • Bn
      24th of May, 2010
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    I completely agree, their service has went from bad to worse. We have never been happy with them; customer service is awful and they tell you that the customer is wrong, which I thought should be the other way around. Somehow, nothing is ever their fault. Every time I call, it's the same story... service outage in your area, working to correct it, give it a few hours... I'm sorry, daily with the service outages????? That is just a line of BS!!! In the past week, we have made daily calls because the cable and internet will go completely out sporadically, sometimes for hours at a time. This is causing a HUGE problem because on the weekends I work from home via the internet and I also take online college courses, which I am now behind on and receiving demerits for. We had a service person out 3 days ago who went through all of the wiring, and guaranteed good as new. The next day, internet slower than dial-up, and then went completely out until just this morning. This afternoon, another service person out, who again corrected some errors in the box and went through everything... again told that the internet and cable is working, and AGAIN nothing!!! So, I made another call to customer service who was all confused by me calling off of my business phone line and couldn't understand when I explained this was regarding the issues at our residence. Imagine this, I was told again that there is a service outage in my town, which she couldn't even pronounce, and that we should have service in about 3 to 4 hours... WHAT???? If we still didn't have service after that amount of time, they would try to reset our modem, which we can do ourselves and has nothing to do with these ongoing problems!!! At this point I am willing to trade the high speed internet and our array of channels for service that is going to work the way it is supposed to, and so we are not given the runaround every time there is a problem, which is constantly. And the worst part is knowing that we are paying this incompetent company for WHAT??

  • Ju
      26th of Jun, 2010
    0 Votes

    We switched from Comcast to Charter hoping Charter's service would be better. I mean, how could anything possibly be worse than Comcrap, right? Well, for the first few months service was okay... but lately it's gone down the tubes. Yesterday a mild thunderstorm rolled by and our internet cut off for like... 28 hours?! 2 weeks ago it was out for almost as long. I conduct an online business and rely heavily on the internet to communicate with family and friends as well. It's ridiculous and very costly for me to completely lose service for such extensive periods. I'm sick of paying so much money for service I'm not receiving. They only get away with it because consumers don't have many (or any) alternatives. Oh and btw, Charter's cable tv service is almost as lousy. Often channels freeze, or go dead, or service goes out entirely for many hours. Not that it really matters much though, considering 90% of channel content is COMMERCIALS. And nearly every single channel switches to "paid programming" all night long. Fed up with this garbage!! Time for a national boycott. Maybe that will get their attention?

  • Di
      25th of Oct, 2010
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    oct 20 and oct 21 2010
    charter internet is down in smyrna, 30080 zip code area and customer service is not answering calls regarding it.

    worst customer service i have seen and that too when I am their customer since last 2 years.

  • Fr
      28th of Oct, 2010
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    Absolute worst ever internet company. I called once because my connection was intermittant. My modem resets itself constantly...and the service rep asked me if I would like to purchase a faster internet bundle!


    Best of luck, I'm going back to sending messages via carrier pidgeon and kill my neighbors cats when they disrupt the communication line.

  • Ja
      29th of Oct, 2010
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    We had a bad windstorm come through Wisconsin on Tuesday and Wednesday and now my charter internet is at a pace connecting slower then a snail. I called the number to get tech support and of course I get connected to someone from over seas..India I am guessing and I could hardly understand the lady I spoke with. All she told me is yes there is a problem in my area and the techs are working on fixing it. I am going to demand credit on my bill for my inconveince. I don't run a bussiness with my computer but I use it daily. For the money I pay out I expect to have great service. I am about ready to drop them and go elsewhere. Hmmm what I wonder is how to get out of their 18 month or 2 year contract without them trying to charge me some outrageous early termination fee even though its their fault their service is crap.

  • Ju
      30th of Jan, 2011
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    Update: I finally figured out why our internet service was constantly down. Faulty router. I kid you not when I say FOUR Charter service techs came to my house and not a single ONE thought to bring a brand new router to see if that was the problem. It was only after I demanded they do so, that our service was finally restored. Holy cow, why do I get the feeling these guys are milking the time clock?!! Pretending to not know what the problem is?!! Is there some bizarre reason why these service techs can't carry a new router along with them when a customer's internet service shuts down?? My god, Charter is no more competent than Comcast and I can only conclude that they're all pretending to be incompetent for financial gain. With Comcast our internet was down for almost THREE WEEKS, and the only way it got fixed was because I WALKED OUTSIDE and opened the connection box and found our unit was totally disconnected. 10 seconds of screwing in a cable and VOILA! INTERNET BACK ON! YES I HAD TO DO THAT MYSELF because god knows the comcast techies weren't ever going to reach that level of accomplishment. Same [censor] goes for Charter. I have absolutely ZERO experience with cable TV and internet connections and yet I'm mysteriously smarter than the people who get paid to do that [censored] for a living. Do they pull complete [censor]s off the street and say, Hey, congratulations yer now an expert Charter or Comcast Technician? Listen to me, all y'all charter and comcast customers whose service is down. DON'T WAIT on these losers and leeches to fix the problem. Go outside and check the connection box yourself. If that doesn't work demand a new router, because the problem is almost certainly one of those two issues. And the only reason I can imagine you don't don't have cable TV or internet is because these clowns get paid a bonus for every trip they make to your home, NOT FOR FIXING THE DAMN PROBLEM!

  • Su
      2nd of Jun, 2014
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    I'd wager Charter creates these "outages" as a method for me to have to listen to all their offers while on hold whenever I call to report an outage. Makes sense, if you ask me. What better way to create an opportunity for sales leads? My internet goes down every couple months. I call Charter. Tell them the same lights that are and are not on. They do their "checks". Tell me they don't know what the problem is. Schedule an appointment with a service tech for the next day or so. Service comes back up with a few hours. Charter calls me to tell me that it's up. Appointment with service tech is canceled. Not this time. I want to see someone. I want to ask the tech that arrives if he can confirm this. Doubt I'll get an honest answer. Oh, and Charter sucks!

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