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Charter Communications Turlock / customer service and service

1 941 Charter Commons DriveTown Country MO 63017, CA, United States Review updated:
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1. Company Deceptive Practices and Misconduct – I sign up for Charter on Demand and am told that I can access it and save movies and shows using the digital system. I pay for the service for 3 ½ years, while trying to get the repair department to fix the service and finally in February of 2008 it gets fixed. No reimbursement for the years I paid for and didn’t have the service?
2. Inaccuracy and Unrequested Service Billing-I spent the first six months being charged for services I didn’t order with a 30 minute call every month and credit collection threats going on each time-The payments were getting “lost”and conveniently found when I call and complain. When I finally after 3 ½ years of calling repair I get the repair, Charter bills me $35.00 (billed Feb 20-08) after assuring me that there is no charge. Another 30 minute call to clear that up.
3. Improper scheduling of Repair Department-The last two times I was scheduled with a time and day the “repairman shows up one day early at the morning time” and then cancels the “appointment from 3-5 the next day” without even contacting me, the customer of the change or cancellation of appointments or discussing if the repair had even been made.
4. Improper work orders from service department to Repair Department-On April 18, 2008, I scheduled an end of service and a transfer of digital boxes (which took 3 years to fix to work properly) to my son’s residence in Turlock which was scheduled for Friday, April 28th, (my birthday-not easy to forget). This is what happened: I spent 35 minutes with the customer service after they disconnected me once, then another 16 minutes with the repair scheduling department and the order write up read –Add 2 boxes-Order # T16599594. It did not say transfer old boxes to new account or customer left boxes to be hooked up and added to account, nothing of what I spent 35 minutes setting up. This is what happens:
1. Repair service shows up on the morning of April 27th again while I was at work instead of the appointment time of April 28th between 3-5pm.
2. Request was for transfer of boxes to new residence but Repair not only installed 2 new boxes but left the old boxes sitting right below the TV’s.
3. Repair “ACCIDENTLY” disconnected my son’s, the original service, not just the box but his service and had to come back again and reconnect his service, you know the original paying client’s service.
4. When I called to complain again a 30 minute call, I was told this is the “Way it is done” and if I am not satisfied, she will put the complaint on my account and my son’s account so that they will be more careful. To follow up with her comment I requested to corporate telephone number to call.
5. In regards to the digital box, I can only find one, but Repair supposedly did not pickup any, and I am told that I have to bring them back to the Charter office, or they will bill me for a pick up-again: I am paying for Turlock Charter’s mistakes.
6. After waiting for a written request for equipment return, I call Turlock Charter’s phone number and am told that it doesn’t say what equipment, they don’t know and yes, I must bring it back, even though they can’t tell me what to bring back. So even though I have one digital box, one box has disappeared and no one knows where or even seems to care.
7. Customer Request of Documentation of Complaints Not Complied With-At this point, I contact the corporate office and a lady named Aila tells me there are no complaints filed with my account and the last entry was made on April 18, 2008.
8. Not in Compliance with FCC regulations-I know you will agree that these issues can cost your license with FCC or at least an investigation.
This is a follow up letter with proof of the Turlock office’s incompetency. Enclosed please find a receipt for returned digital units and a letter dated weeks after requesting the return of items ALREADY RETURNED.

Customer service is at an all time low for this office. I sincerely hope you are as concerned as I am that the telephone customer service be re-evaluated and improved and that the equipment department check and record incoming equipment prior to sending notices to customers who have returned said equipment. That the customer service reps in the office spend more time working that fighting over who gets what chair and dragging them back and forth in front of customers that are waiting for assistance.

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  • Fu
      3rd of Jul, 2008
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    Charter is not only incompetent on the west coast, they are the same on the east coast too. We have had problems with our signal quality and it's been getting worse over the ast couple of months. They sent someone out a month ago who laid a new cable because the wrong one had been installed for digital and phone service. It's been 4 weeks and we still have the cable in our yard. We called a week ago because the TV signal and phone service were going out again. We made an apointment for Tuesday afternoon. My wife is there all afternoon and nobody shows up. She called and they stated that the appointment was for Wednesday morning now. She canceled that appointment because she had things to do. She rescheduled for this past Tuesday and someone showed up on Monday instead. All I can say is they are a bunch of buffoons. I look forward to the day when the TV service monopoly ends. A little competition would clean up their act real quick.

  • Ro
      3rd of Jan, 2010
    0 Votes

    Nothing but misery this Charter bunch! So what does one do to remedy the situation and help put them on the road to non-existance? Is the FCC doing anything about them?

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