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To make a long story short, I had an issue with my internet and the lady on the phone could not help so they sent a tech feller out to fix. I had told the lady on the phone that in my opinion the modem was messed up. When the tech fella got there I asked him if he had brought a modem because I do believe that is the problem. This guy almost bit my head off and very rudely told me it was not the modem and is most likely the signal to noise and the way the other tech had installed it to begin with was all wrong. He then asked me who installed my service and I told him "a nice asian fella" and he said some name to me and said that figures and then began to cutting on the guy about the way he installed my modem. I told him that the install tech did a great job as I has very good speed and service with no problems until the modem started acting up 2 days ago. Anyways he took out the split-er tightens some cables and said it was fixed. I tried to tell him that I did all that already and it still only gets yellow lights and no internet. He said look its fine. Sure enough I had all green lights. But I said as soon as you leave it will stop working, he get more angry with me and says look the first installer made a lot of mistakes and that is why I had a problem. I was fed up with his rude mouth and told him I pay me bills on time I would like to have my modem switched out. He yells to me and says it ain't going to happen. I was about to tell him to take all the crap out I want nothing more to do with charter when the modem went to all yellow lights and I had no more internet. The tech guy did not say a word after that not even an apology. I got a new modem now and my service is great again. This guy said he has been a cable installer for 14 years I think he has family working at charter because with that bad attitude and the way he treated me I think he would have lost his job long ago.

May 27, 2018

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