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Charter cable customer service is absolutely terrible. Over the last 4-5 years that we had Charter we have experienced several nightmares. First a tree fell across the street and brought down the power and cable lines. Charter connected the service by laying a cable in my front yard in the grass and it took me about 14 calls and several personal visits to their office over nearly a year to get them out to hang the cable.

Second our internet service never worked properly. A tech came out and ran a new cable from the house to the pole and it worked better for a while. After a year, the cable is still laying in our yard.

Third, about 8 months ago they called to ask if I wanted to upgrade to a digital package with a six month "trial rate" lower rate than we already had, so I accepted. They told me the tech would be out a few days later and we arranged a time. He never showed at the stated time and they never called to confirm or check it out. Since I was getting a better rate, I blew it off for six months until the "trial rate" was over.

Forth, and the best. At the same time our internet was still not getting good reception so I called on 11-03-08 to cancel both the digital package that I never received mentioned above and our internet service. I was told that I could not cancel my internet because I had an "outstanding balance" ($171.21) and that they "would cancel my internet once it had been paid". I immediately paid it and the 171.21 payment cleared my bank 4 days later. Guess what, my December statement STILL HAD BOTH SERVICES, NEITHER HAD BEEN CANCELED. When I called to question this and get it resolved the customer service person "Anthony" advised that when my outstanding balance was paid "I was supposed to have called them back to tell them back to remind them that I still wanted my internet service canceled". When I told him that no one had told me I had to "call back after my payment had cleared" and asked why I had to call them back he said that they couldnt cancel my service "without my authorization". I said "WHAT"?!!! I just told them 4 days before the payment cleared that I wanted it canceled did they have record of that? He said yes, but I was still supposed to call and tell them that "that was the way their system was set up". I told him its not my problem the way their system is set up. I lived up to my end of the agreement. I went through TWO supervisors, "Diana" and "Charline" and they all sounded like robots telling me the same thing and even adding that they would not cancel it now, nearly 2 months later because I had another "outstanding balance" ($105.65) which included the 2 services that I asked them to cancel nearly two months ago! In other words, they are now charging me money for 2 services that I have already asked them to cancel nearly two months ago and no longer use (I have had ATT internet since October) and one I never had, and STILL will not cancel because they want payment for those 2 services which I told them that I did not want nearly 2 months ago! It was absolutely incredible display of customer diservice and I feel may have even breached a few laws. I Am looking into it. I felt like I was talking to people from another planet. I have never heard of someone not being able to cancel their service anytime they wanted without a contract.

Charter Communications has had a multitude of consumer complaints filed with the BBB and is rumored to be filing chapter 11 bankrupsy (who would have thought with their questionable business practices). Look it up and see for yourself.


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  • Gw
      Jul 17, 2010

    I too have Charter cable and Internet service. No only does my bill keep increasing, but Friday they removed a number of channels from my TV cable service. When I called them they said it was because I was getting I had the basic service for $35.50. When I told them I had the same service for 12 years and the same channels. Charter then said an audit was performed and I should only be getting 32 channels with the basic service and also blamed the government for changing from analog to digital TV reception. I was also told that I could get the channels that were removed from my service for another $24.99. I told them I was not interested in paying Charter any more money, and they had no right to remove the channels from my service, then expect me to pay them more money to put the channels back on. I am going to not only get another TV service, but also another internet service. This is bull. Who gave Charter the right to remove channels I have had for 12 years, then ask me to pay more money to put the channels back on?

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  • Di
      Oct 11, 2010

    do not get charter cable. they will [censor] you in the end. I had about seventy channels on charter and some of those were regular tv channels, but what charter [censor]ing did amazed me. they removed comedy central, espn, espn 2, fox sports, fx channel, amc, msnbc, fox news, Nickelodeon, cartoon network, tnt, and many more channels. now all i have is [censor]ing animal planet, the history channel, tru tv, c-span, qvc, hsn, wgn, tbs, life time which is very snowy and no volume completely inaudible white noise, a&e, ktla channel 5, fox in horrible quality, ion, and a couple other local non cable channels, it's [censor]ing ridiculous and disgusting, all without my permission or even a warning. I'm paying 150 a month by the way with a 2 year contract and broadband and phone. I think thats actually a brief of contract since when I signed up I had all those channels, and right in the middle of the contract term they removed so many channels without my consent. I should take the evil [censor] to court. You will sign up for a certain package with a certain amount of channels and they will end up removing all the good channels in the middle of your contract term. It's like signing a contract for phone service with free unlimited texting, and waking up one day finding out that they took that away and you still have to pay full price because you have a contract with them, and in order to get the service back you have to pay another 25.00 a month for something you were getting for much less.

    Now I can't even watch lakers games, and the was the only reason I had purchased their cable service in the first place and now i'm stuck with their service and if i try to cancel they will charge me a tremendous fee.

    I will add keywords, some of them are names of famous people and popular shows so I can reach out to more people, really everybody should be informed about the scam that charter is. I suggest more people with complaints to do the same.

    keywords: (for the search engines), charter communications, scam, don't get charter, charter removed a lot of channels, charter cable, charter deleted many channels, charter sucks, [censor] charter communications, charter, communication, scam, criminals, charter, I can't believe what charter did, charter is dishonest, customer is always right, breach of contract, how is charter cable?, is charter good?, how much does charter cable cost?, is charter communications a scam?, has anyone tried charter cable?, does anyone have charter?, contract, is charter a scam?, breach of contract, amc, fox, fox news, breaking bad, dancing with the stars, msnbc, comedy central, bet, nickolodean, cartoon network, history channel, animal planet, fox sports, fox sports 2, espn, espn 2, tbs, tnt, lakers, miley cyrus, oj simpson, discovery channel, quality cable service for cheap, scam, allstate insurance.

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