Changi Airportrude sales staff

I regularly visit Singapore every year to shop and spend time with my family. I loved how warm the Singaporeans are and of course, I also loved the efficiency and beauty of Changi Airport.

I was on my way back to Manila with my family yesterday, 8 November 2011 when we decided to drop by Nuance-Watson store in Terminal 2 to pick up some items to bring home to the Philippines. My family decided to buy 1 Bath & Body Works White Citrus Lotion and a fragrance mist of the same brand since we figured we don’t have to go to North America to purchase these Bath & Body Works products.

We went to the shop assistant to give what we wanted to buy and she went ahead to bring the items to the cashier. As we were approaching the Cashier, we noticed that the shop assistant and the cashier were whispering and laughing and looking at us. It was rude and uncalled for. We felt that they were making fun of us.

Since we were in a hurry, we did not bother to inspect what be bought (since our boarding time is 11:20am and we purchased the lotion and the fragrance mist at 11:13:29am as indicated in our receipt). On our way out of the shop, we decided to place the items that we bought in another plastic bag and hurried to our boarding gate to undergo the final security checks.

Upon arrival in Manila, we discovered that the Bath & Body Works lotion that we bought was stamped with “tester not for resale.” I don’t remember buying a tester (as a customer, why would I buy a tester in the first place?!)! I felt I have been cheated by the staffs who were laughing at us. I don’t want to accuse or assume that she switched the lotion I gave to her with a tester before I paid for the said item. However, as part of customer service, she could have told us that it was a tester and could have brought us a new stock. Second, laughing, whispering while leering to a complete stranger will always be considered rude to any culture and to any person, hence I hope that Changi Airport officials should address to this and bring this concern to their sales staff.

I still have the receipt, and the plastic bag of the items we bought from Nuance Watson at Terminal 2. On the receipt the “Sales Man Code” is DORIS LIN (which I assume is the sales assistant?), date was 8 November 2011 and time was 11:13:29.


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