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To whom it may concern,
Which with Champion Windows, no one there is concerned. So, this is to warn everyone else who might be thinking about using this company. DON’T!!! My wife and I decided to use Champion Windows of Atlanta to get 19 new windows installed in our home. One of the main reasons we went with them was the salesman stated that they do not use subcontractors to install their product, this is a lie. Two - they stated that they would seal the windows so no air would come thru the seals - and the casing would have foam inside to protect the seals from water damage, rot, and insects. This is a lie.
Let’s begin on the installation day, which I was told would only take one day. The crew shows up, its pouring down rain outside, they look like a bunch of crack heads and have no rain gear. Their truck and trailer looks like they just came from the dump along with their cloths and had nothing that identified them as a Champion employee. I asked them if they worked for Champion or if they were sub-contractors. They stated they were all employees of Champion. I was appalled by this and it made me worry about what product was fixing to be installed in my home.
I offered to let them use my garage for a work space, so they could be out of the rain, I gave them rain jackets, and I had to put towels down in my home to keep them from tracking mud through the house. Which is when they asked if “do I have new carpet or was it old?” – hmmm - (I replied: “what does it matter - it’s MY carpet”).
They start removing windows and installing new windows and just throwing the trash on the ground and in the floor of my home (they did not put any plastic or drop cloths down anywhere and kept asking me for paper towels). They get about half way thru the windows and they come to one of the windows that needs the seal replaced (which is the reason I needed new windows and was part of the deal I had with the salesman). Instead of replacing my seal, the lead guy stated he was just cutting out the rotted wood and was going to fill in the gap with foam and that the foam was stronger than wood. I stated if that’s true then why are we not building house’s out of this foam. He argued with me for about 15min in the rain and then stated “your right I will replace it” and asked where a Home Depot was. So, he came unprepared to do the job and had no intention of doing it correctly from the start.
After his trip to Home Depot he asked me if they could return the next day to finish the job. I asked what time will you be here and how long will it take, since I now must accommodate you even more and change my plans to accommodate his crew and his schedule. He stated he could be at my house at 800 a.m. and would be done by noon. I agreed (which was another mistake I made, the first hiring Champion Windows, second allowing this crew to be on my property). So, the crew picks up their tools puts them in my garage and leaves. Leaving all their trash in my yard in my garage in my home and on my roof.
The next day (Sunday) the crew does not show up until 930 a.m. and did not call to say sorry running late or apologize for being late in the first place. Instead he states he did not agree to being there at 800 and that I did not know what kind of week he had and he’s been working every day and he did not want to be here anyways. His words not mine. So, I told him to pack up his things and get off my property. They did leaving my wife and I about 4 hours of cleaning up after them, including picking up screws, glass, and nails left on my driveway (not sure how many are in my yard, guess I will find them when my lawn mower gets flat tires).
Now the phone calls begin, starting with calling the salesman, the Atlanta location and their corporate office in Cincinnati Ohio. This leads to a lot of arguing, Champion employees not caring or being concerned with my issue and telling me they cannot get a crew out there on Monday, they were not going to make another customer reschedule so they could complete a job they started. They sent a crew manager out to my home on Monday to look at the issues and to reschedule my job for another day. He came out stated that the job would have been completed if I would not kick his crew off my property. I stated your so-called crew left me no choice and their work shows for it. We agreed on Champion sending another crew out on Thursday to complete the job. He stated he would be here and he would bring his best guys to complete it.
Thursday, crew arrives on time and they begin to work. They start by removing 99% of the work that was already done and redoing it. We get to the seals that need to be replaced. I am watching the work being done and am next to one of the workers (I have been a police officer for 7 years), I look at him and ask him how much marijuana have you smoked today (the odor coming from would knock you down). He stated - none – but that he was around a guy smoking it this morning. I asked him if it was another person on the crew (knowing that he was lying and that he did smoke it that morning) he stated I don’t want to get anyone in trouble but yes, the guy in the shorts. I then went to their crew leader (same guy that was there on Monday) and pulled him to the side and talked with him about the issue. After he spoke with his crew, the original guy I accused of smoking brought me two cigarette packs with 7 marijuana roaches, one marijuana cigarette, and 2 plastic bags of containing raw marijuana in it. The crew leader asked me not to lock his workers up and not to tell Champion, that he would be fired. As a police officer, I do have the right to lock them up or give a warning. Since I have been inconvenience 4 days, I decided to be nice (another mistake) and let the guys go and get back to work.
So, work continues with another crew member stepping thru my bathroom ceiling and creating a nice hole in it and cracking my sheet rock in 3 areas. He is fine and the crew leader assures me that he can have a sheetrock guy at my home the next day (the best guy in the business).
Finally, all windows are installed and I am walking around inspecting each window with the crew leader. Every window had to be re-caulked and 4 windows needed to have the metal casing they put on fixed (had dents and bows in them). The crew leader said he would be back tomorrow with one guy and the sheetrock guy to complete everything and make my house whole again (5th day I must accommodate Champion Windows).
Friday, crew shows up and starts working. The sheet rock guy (best in the business, NOT) made every spot he touches look worse than it was. I had him fix the hole 3 different times until he gave up. The crew leader left around 130 p.m. and the window guy stayed to complete any issues with the windows while the sheet rock guy made a mess. The two guys start cleaning up (which I don’t think they know what the word clean means) while I inspected their work.
Sheet rock repair still need to be repaired, windows still need to be finished correctly. I asked the window guy if he would be happy with this job, if it was done on his home. He stated, one I wouldn’t pay this much for windows and no he this job was not done correctly. HE then pointed out some issues with the install. I asked him why didn’t you fix them, you have been here all day? He shrugged his shoulders and no reply. The two workers packed up their tools (leaving me 2 hours of cleaning) and left.
I called the crew leader, he texted me back and stated “give me 45 minutes and I will call you back” (still have not heard back from him). I called corporate, they stated that there is nothing they will do to make me whole and that was their company policy. The Atlanta district manager was supposed to call me but corporate stated he was busy and that he would not be able to do anything for me. I am left with a crap install job, 3 cracks in my ceiling along with a hole to fix and still have trash in my yard. Last spoke with a new person in corporate, whom stated she would check into my issue and call me back.
So, if you are looking for any work to be done on your home, DO NOT call Champion for anything.

In summary:

We expected:
Normal people in champion attire/logos.
Workers on time and being respectful.
Windows to be installed.
4 sills to be replaced.
Job completed in one day.
To be happy, warm and looking at our little house with all new windows all spiffed up.

What we got.
Crack head/meth head narcotics using homeless looking crew – stoned and brining narcotics onto our property.
2 hour delay on day 2.
6 days and counting – job not completed.
Hours of explaining and complaining and convincing to install sills we have paid 18K to install.
We are not happy, exhausted – out buckets of money from missed paid days to accommodate these bozos – frustrated – infuriated – and frankly feeling ashamed that we were ‘had’ buy this crap, underhanded, conniving, schystering, smooth talking, unprofessional bunch of human beings that have been in business for 65 years.

Read their BBB review – what you can stomach of them – no where do you see champion responding in a pleasant, accommodating tone – no where do you see a simple – ‘we apologize’ we will make it right.

Jan 29, 2017

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