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Champion Windows / sales deceit

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champion windows
1. on April 8, 2009 a company representative sold me windows for 3, 333 and advised me there would be no problem financing the other half of the money i put down.
2. On July 10, 2009 a company representative told me the financing had been turned down but that they were going to look into other options.
3 On april 13, 2009 the company representative called and advised me that they had in fact found financing and that my payment would be 104.00 monthly for two years and that a representative would call and make an appointment with me to sign the necessary paperwork.
4. On April 14, 2009 a company representative left a message on my phone stating there was soem problem with the paper work because of some law change in RI but that I was not to worry it was not my problem but the company's because they had no appropriate papework anywhere in the country. was also informed that paperwork was going to be overnight mailed and the problem would be resolved by next week/
5. on April 17, 2009 the saleman and hus supervisor called me at my place of work to advise that indeed there was aproblem because the bank that was giving the loan did not give these loans. My concernis if the bank had akready approved the loan and even given a rate of payment did they not know what they were giving the loan for when they a[[rpved it


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D  7th of May, 2009 by 
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You must have some crappy credit. It sounds like they were trying very hard through secondary lending sources to get you a loan. They put in a lot of effort for you at no cost to you and you are complaining. Grow up
A  30th of May, 2009 by 
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Jane, we have had a similar experience but worse. Would you be willing to discuss Champion with me? I have been working on some ways to deal with Champion and I would like to compare notes.
N  30th of May, 2009 by 
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they pretend to find you credit, but the reality is they are simply making sure you get so desperate you accept the most awful terms they can provide you with. then eveyrone enjoys the money while you enjoy being grateful for their 'help'
A  14th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Champion is a JOKE - I know for a fact that most of their financing is in fact a scam. They pretend that it is easy to approve people and just as aners said they make you so desperate to get approved tht you will take anything. Champion windows are CRAP - them and their "patented 365 glass" LOL LOL LOL

Check into it - their windows at the beginning of the year were not legally eligible for the $1500.00 tax credit unless it had grids because of the low quality of their glass. I am not sure how they fixed this or even if they did fix it. Last time I heard, Don Jones said what the customers don't know won't hurt them...and that is quality for you and customer service LOL. This company is a JOKE - Buyer BEWARE FOR REAL
They use high pressure sales tactics - it is all about the CLOSE. On Monday morning they sit with the salesman for 4 hours teaching them how to high pressure customers to make the close RIGHT THEN. They claim that they are not high pressure, but that is the name of the game at Champion.
Also, their "Open Houses" are such a JOKE - they offer 40% off 50% off LOL LOL LOL - all they have the salesman do is up the original price and then mark that down - it is such a SCAM. Do this 2 weeks before the "Open House" - go into the show room and get a price on windows, go back during the "Open House" and ask for 50% off that price and WATCH THEIR REACTION - IT IS SUCH A JOKE
ANYONE who is bamboozled by this crap deserves what they get from Champion.
N  14th of Jul, 2009 by 
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Hey Job - you must be Bob Sellers LOL LOL LOL LOL - Nice name there
D  20th of Jul, 2009 by 
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For the benefit of potential Champion customers, this fellow has left out a few details. Champion windows exceed any Energy Star rating in the United States. At the introduction of the Federal Stimulus package an extremely high standard was set for the SHGC which stands for Solar Heat Gain Coefficient. Our product missed the standard by 1/1000, so we made an adjustment. The U factor already exceeded the new standard.

As to getting a 50% discount on the retail price, I would ask you to buy a pair of jeans on sale at 40% off, then on the next sale date take the jeans back and ask for the 50% discount on the sale price you paid. Champion has many active sale events happening and are very clear the discounting is based on retail price.
N  13th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Yea agree with the second comment, , , the first reply was completely uneducated but from the sounds of the letter thats not hard to figure out...I have Champion Windows and have been reading through all the HIPE, ..Champion has served me and my family well, , , never have i once saw they misrepresented there windows or the company ...sometimes the most uneducated among us get to voice there opinion and it is up the the rest of us to weed through the crap
N  23rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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Oh another open house again I see. ha ha ha waht a joke that is... I have worked for Champion before and it sounds like some of you posting on here still do.. It isn't carp or hipe its just that the truth hurts. As far and the credit issues they act like they are going to help the customer get the best interist rate possible and that Champion is going to work for you right. It is just to get you past any contract waiting period within your State may have like 72 hours and so that Champion can keep your down payment money and the customer could be forced to go though with the contact and pay the remaining balance due if you don't accept the terms. Champion wants to hold your hand to the fire and they want you to hold harmless. Guess who wrote the contacts and train their employees to favor their position. It sounlds like the customer is getting Bar-B-qued not just bamboozled.

50% off an 200% marked up price is still all jack up price to pay for any window. Why not just do business right way and stop all the hogh mark-up crap Champion? You got egg all over their faces once again and your being expose for the pigs that they are now...
N  23rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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The proper way to handle any credit issues was to tell the customer about any and all issues up front and not give the apperance of any run around or shading business operations.

The newer credit laws requirements says that a percentage rate must be stated at the "time of sale" and its can't be just skated or shopped around like it has been in past. The Champion sales salepeople are trained by just telling the customers that Champion is not a credit company and they do not know what rate would be and they will just shop your credit and contact around to get the best rate possible with serveral different credit companies that they may have lined up to use. This is not legal no longer these days and today a percentage rate for financing must be stated at the time of the sale and not just shopped around for the next day or two. This should be done within the customers home and during the time of sale with the credit issuer offering a rate over the phone. The customer must know what rate they are going to be paying before signing a contract with any sales company and this would stop these shaddy business deals from happening that has left many customer on the "hook" as they call it in the home improvement business. I call it "hung out to dry" because most always the buyers are going to be paying a higher rate then you should if they had only pre-arranged any finance options and that is real easy to arrange with a computer these days. Your just a captive hostage any other way and its not legal any longer.

Champion has had problems handling issues with customers who may want to cancal a contract with them. Lord help you if the customer that is outside your State requirements or timelines for contract cancalulation that was signed in your home . I have seen Champion refused to cancal a contract because the customer has gotten some buyers remorse after signing a contract even though she was within her rights and timeline to cancal. I seen a Champion rep tell this customer that she would lose her down payment because the manuafctures had already begun the manufacturing her order and that just wasn't the turth and had this customer just pushed a bit harder the would of has to cancal her agreement. Contract cancalations are more common because people just start doing research only after they sign contracts and not before hand... If any sales organization has to lie to sale its products then that is just cheating in my book.

If a purchase was done inside a Champion showroom the customer does not have the same buyer rights for contact cancalulataion and they are just "tagged and bagged" just after the door hits then in them in the back side. Champion teaches its sale staff members to get as much as possible down at the contract signing to prevent sales cancalulations. It is in the Champion sales training manuals. The higher the down = less cancelulations. The sale people are are so trained to always mark the cash" on completion box on all the contracts written even though they know its a bank financind deal to cover them. The sale people are told that when a finance company pays Champion then its a cash deal paid by the finance company. But that is really shaddy as well because when a contaract is marked at financed option and then the customer objected to any higher term of the agreement then it dead deal at that time and couldn't be enforced after that time. If the cash option is marked on the contarts then it looks like it was a cash deal form the start and the customer is on the hook for payment of the projects balance due aat its completeion or Champion could slap a lein on the house for non-payment.

Buyer Beware...
N  23rd of Aug, 2009 by 
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What an idiot!
I am a Champion Sales Rep in a 3 day recission state and the 3 day cancellation period (not cancalulataion) applies, regardless of a purchase in the showroom or at the consumers home. A quick check of the Better Business Bureau, attorney general, Angie's List, or any consumer organization will bear that out.

maskzman here's a spelling lesson for you:

appearance not apperance
several not serveral
shady not shaddy
cancel not cancal
cancellations not cancalulations
contracts not contarts
from not from this one is probably a typographical error

But the supposed complaintant is jane Thomson, and she has the same problem spelling and getting caps done. Seems pretty fisy to me. If you were directed to this post to look for Champion windows, I would be suspect of whomever sent you this way and at least check other sources before making a decision.
N  26th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Job and "Tried of this Crap" are just two brain wished Champion employees. They know only what they are told by Champion. Its fine if you fell feel the need to personally attack me and others for exposing your game. Jobs thinks he has everything figured out but his all wet behind his ears. Sorry I'm not a Jane, I have other equipment.

Each State has different contact cancellation laws so buyer beware and read the all contracts and addendums that may be writen about a showroom purchases before signing anything. Within my State the contract recission laws is only good for in home sales and they do not cover any showroom purchases. Now stick that in you pipe and smoke it Mr. know it all.

No way can a Champion rep can bid a project properly without first visting the site and reviewing it for any other needs so all of showroom purchases are all flawed and leaves thoses customer are hung out to dry and left on the hook. These two Champion robots are just mad because their ole Used Cars sales games are being exposed here within. The lower the Champion reps is forced to sell his products at the lower his commissions he receive for his dog & pony "slick willy" demo act. A 50% discount off a JACKED UP price is still a just a jacked up price to pay. Why doesn't Champion just offer its products at a fair market value and quit playing those ole shaddy sales games with its customers. It is because Champion is trying to trick its customers into just paying more for its products? I think so...Why does a Champion have its employees monitor a complant web site anyways? Good luck with that Jobs.
N  26th of Aug, 2009 by 
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OK Jane
N  26th of Aug, 2009 by 
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WRONG again Mr. know it all (Job). Is that all you got for us today?

I will assure you that If was Ms. Jane your little zipper head would be spinning right off your shoulders today. Maybe Ms. Jane should have yourr you know what served up on a silver platter for your foolish actions in posting her name. We can only assume that she is an ex-employee of Champion and you have no right to use her name within any shape or form.

I call you BOGUS "job" and your bubby "tried of crap" are just Champion paid employee that monitor this complaint web site and try to counter act any negitive press posted within it. Why do you think Champion employees has a need to do this type of crap? Buyers Beware of this company and all if its tactics. Good luck with that Champion you got egg on your face again.
N  27th of Aug, 2009 by 
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Please check spelling before submitting a comment.
A  18th of Sep, 2009 by 
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terrible company.
D  19th of Sep, 2009 by 
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N  9th of Dec, 2009 by 
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I have been reading through complaint after complaint on this website and have finally realized that the same few people are the only ones contributing to these extensive conversations (rediculously childish bickering, I must say). So I am now excluding any comments made by JOB, Tired of crap, and maskzman from any consideration when deciding which company to hire for replacement windows. You guys need to stop and let us consumers try to sort it all out for ourselves. You have done nothing but add to the discredit of your industry.
N  2nd of Mar, 2010 by 
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I got a quote from Champion for 11 windows for the price of $9674 which by the way, was twice(+plus some) as much as three other quotes from competitors with similar glass quality and u factor/solar heat ratings. Oh, did I mention this included a 45% discount. So if I had not received the discount, they expected me to pay $14, 027.30 compared to $4, 000 to $5, 000 from competing companies for similar quality. So my advice to anyone shopping for windows would be to ask for the high performance Low-E solar glass with argon and super spacers and you should be able to get similar products and then compare the prices. I was shocked at how high Champion was from the others and each competitor offered me two different product lines and none of them even came close to the high price for champion. I did my homework and did not let the salesman tell me what I wanted for the windows, I gave him a list of options for what I expected and then went from there. This evened the playing field for me. In the end, I chose an excellent quality window for about 1/2 to a 1/3 of the price without losing any quality ratings. I also asked to see a heat lamp test on each product I was interested in and found that they all met my expectations. It pays to do your homework. I would also suggest that you read the fine print of the warranties. That is really another factor in what sets these companies apart and why I chose the one I did. Such as Lifetime warranty, transfer warranty, glass breakage warranty and installation warranty. So most people will think I work in the industry but I do not nor do I have any affiliations with anyone in the industry. I just took my time to research the companies such as Champion, Milgard, Jeld-Wen, Ply Gem, Cascade, Pella, Simonten, Andersen, Marvin, etc. and then check the references of the local companies that install these windows. There may be an installation warranty with the local company that is not represented by the manufacturer. It pays to ask about all of it before you order the windows. Good luck... I hope this helps.

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