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Junk windows sloppy installation

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I ordered Champion Windows Nov. 06 finally installed Feb. 07 with many problems. It's June 07 and still need a window replaced that doesn't fit right. It has been months for the replacement. They do not check for rotting wood under sills. They are a complete joke. If you want JUNK buy these windows. Take it from me, Andersen Renewel are the only way to go. The manager won't call me back.

People beware!!!
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N  11th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
My husband works for Champion Windows, Siding, and Patio Rooms as a sales representative in North Carolina. Thanks to "rmcs" above for pointing out that there are numerous home improvement companies across the country that try to make a buck off the ORIGINAL Champion name. The Champion that I'm referring to is based out of Cincinnati, OH and has been in business since the 1953 - if a company had such shoddy products as some of you are claiming do you honestly think that they could have stayed in business for that long?! If you did purchase from the original Champion and are having problems with your local office I can honestly say that if you are getting nowhere with your local office, all you need to do is call the main office in Cincinnati and upper management will take make sure that your complaints is taken care of. There is no way that they are going to risk their good name and what they worked so hard to build. These are not chain stores that managers buy in to, but wholly owned by the company.

Regarding the complaint from "casey" above, yes, the salesmen do work on commission but their cut is nowhere near as high as what he's claiming. And what kind of person publicly bashes a previous employer like this? I'll bet you weren't complaining about the commission when you were collecting your paycheck, unless of course you weren't that great of a salesman and couldn't make the cut. You needed a job and they gave you one - the end. Last time I checked, MILLIONS of salesmen across the country work on commission, that is how they choose to support their families - car salesmen, appliance salemen, etc.; heck, even clothing dept. store employees work for commission!

My huusband works 10-14 hours days, 6-7 days a week driving all over within an 85-mile radius to visit cutomers in their homes. And when he's at our home he is constantly on the phone with his previous and future customers to make sure that he is meeting their every need. Just because he has a signed contract and deposit in his hand doesn't mean that he's washed his hands of that customer...he continues to answer their questions and take the steps to make sure their product is installed when and how he quoted, and that there is nothing standing in the way of their satisfaction.

And now on to the quality of the products that Champion offers...these are quality products installed by thoroughly trained installers who have clean criminal records, and they are not subcontracted out. We have a Champion front and back door, storm doors, and a Champion awning over our driveway, and I WISH we had the Champion windows because our windows came from another company a few years before my husband started working for Champion and now our windows have developed the "milky fog" between the panes (this is caused from seal failure). Champion also offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their windows in case of seal failure, breakage, etc. Your salesman should be explaining all of this to you along with bringing the actual product into your home for full demonstrations.

And lastly, thanks to those of you who have praised your Champion products and your local home office!
And those of you that have had issues with your windows, siding, or patio room, I do sympathize with you - I know I wouldn't be very happy to have spent such a large sum of money and feel like you've been ripped off, but for future reference it would be helpful if you would specify which "champion" window company you are referring to and also which city/state your complaint resides. Have a great day!
D  14th of Sep, 2009 by    +2 Votes
Nigal's Mon... I have issues with your incorrect statements that you have posted above.
You really don't have a clue on what your talking about.

1. "installed by thoroughly trained installers who have clean criminal records, and they are not subcontracted out"

Your completely incorrect when you are saying The Champion windows out of Cini, OH doesn't use sub contracted labor for all of its installs. They only employee a "Job Manager" or a "Foreman" that is suppost to oversee the SUB CONTRACTORS and the work that they do. The subs might be wearing a Champion provided shirts but they are paid only by the JOB that are completed. So the SUBS do have a incentives to get the project completed and get onto there next project. Your husband is just a independent sales contactor as well.

2." These are not chain stores that managers buy in to, but wholly owned by the company"
Your so wrong again. The Champion business model is that each GM owns a part of each store and his pay is directly connected to its profit. If they have to go back on a JOB then that cost that store money and time.

3. Champion also offers a LIFETIME WARRANTY on their windows in case of seal failure, breakage, etc.
That a lot HOG WASH and just a lot smoke and mirrors...If Champion doesn't stand behind that warrenty its not worth the paper its written on is it.

Wake up and small the coffee..., I'm sure your husband works hard and one of these days he will burn out from working thoses 12-14 hrs in a day then Champion will just another runner to do his JOB. Champion does put up a lot of smoke and mirrors with its customers. Why do they start out by asking a way over inflated high book price then apply huge discounts up to 50%...wow... Champions whole business model is flawed as they do reward short term gains instead of long term performances. The Saleman and its Managers are rewarded for getting the most it can out of every one its customers. Maybe Nigel's Mom needs to see the big picture before posting pro-Champion BS complaint wed site.
I hope this helps... Thanks
N  18th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Very unprofessional. Terrible service. I will never do business with them again.
N  18th of Sep, 2009 by    +1 Votes
Do not trust. Bad business partners.
A  18th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
A  18th of Sep, 2009 by    0 Votes
bad company.
N  7th of Dec, 2009 by    +1 Votes
I ordered a front window on October 15, called the sales rep MANY times to ask questions about discount information I received in the mail, leaving voice mail messages, and finally he got ahold of me and said he would get back with me and NEVER did, so I went in person - more of my time and money - to their Maumee store and had some man explain what the other fellow failed to do.

Thinking it's been quite awhile, I called the other day to see what was going on and was told by the receptionist my window should have been on their last truckload but apparently wasn't and if I would call back that Thursday or Fri. - I said I'm sick of calling and if they were professional they would contact me and let me know what's going on! She said she would let the sales rep know who, again, FAILED to call me with explanations, understanding, anything. Today is Monday evening and still no word. I'm tempted to call tomorrow and tell them to refund the money I put down and good riddance!

David Ben-Ariel
D  18th of Feb, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Maskpeanut, I had Champion windows installed in my house over 6 years ago and they are still great. The installers were wonderful. They left the outside of our home so clean you couldn't tell they had been there. The company where you live might be the problem but the group we worked with in St Louis, MO were great.
N  18th of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
OK, So you purchased a standard quality window product at an exorbitant price. Maybe you should call Champion up and ask for at least half your money back. Let me guess you payed between $750-$1200 dollars each window installed at there 40%-50% off price. Now that some serious mark-up don;t you think. The local Champion branch store paid about $199.00 ea for a standard size double hung window under 100 untied inches in size. They sub-contracted the installation out for $30.00 per window and they might have another $20.00 per window in material to get them installed. So how much cost is that per window? Maybe $250.00 per unit. Let just say its $300.00 per window. There is not a Window contractor out here that wouldn't sell that project using as good or even better products for $400.00-$500.00 per window. DO YOUR LEG WORK. I have only exposed Champion and its used car sales tactics which I believe to be unethical as I used to work for them for a short period of time. I seen what goes on under the Champion vial and seen 75% profit margin. I know people that would kill for half those profits margins. If Champion represented there products as being Superior which they do then it should be wouldn't you agreed.
N  20th of Mar, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Based on the above comments I think you are complaining about different companies in some instances above:

There are numerous Champion Windows companies across the US which have no relation to each other.

For example check these ones out:


So when posting a complaint please specifically identify the company and location as that is very helpful to people reading the site. One 'Champion Window' company may be great, while another 'Champion Window' company may be a bad bunch.

Alan Leslie (above) when stating 'However, when I asked for the money here is how the president Michael Duncan replied:' is talking about ( I presume):

Champion Windows, Siding
Michael Duncan
7920 Marshall Dr
Lenexa, KS 66214-1562

Whereas Champion Windows of 12121 Champion Way, Cincinnati, OH 45241 ( a huge company) has the following executives

Donald R. Jones,
President, C.O.O.

Dennis L. Manes,

It would be nice if all these companies changed their names and made life easier for us consumers. But part of this is the trick - a poor company with a similar name riding off the good name of the other company.

So it all comes down to doing your homework and understanding who you are actually dealing with.

So in a way everyone who posted is correct - just correct about different companies...
N  23rd of Mar, 2010 by    +1 Votes
I have been thinking of replacing all my windows, After reading the comments from people that have done business with Champion, I will look to another company to give my business. The only way to root out these bad company's is to post your truthful experiences so unsuspecting customers can avoid the same mishaps. Thanks for the heads up on this ROTTEN APPLE.
A  2nd of Apr, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I hav been dealing with the South Bend In office about the windows that were installed in my home in Nov 2001. not only did the workers do a lousy job of installing them, they left the entire place a mess. I have complained to champion many many times about the windows that leak more air then the single panes wood windows that were orginally in my home and all they did was blow me off. I made the mistake about agreeing to have the BBB look into this and of course they agreed with champion. If you want good windows stay AWAY from these . they leak air, workmanship on job-site i poor and the local office tries to belitle you and blow you off by claiming that the windows are the best in the world.. If so then why do I have to put plastic over them to stop the drafts??????? I f you were smart you would buy someone elses product
N  8th of May, 2010 by    +2 Votes
I am also looking for replacement windows and recently had a champion rep come out. He was very knowledgable and really believed in his product, but I just wasn't buying it. I mean, the early bird price includes a 50% discount which still left me paying $5300 for 6 windows. That quote is twice the amount of an estimate from a local company who have windows that qualify for the tax credit. And that $5300 was only good for that day. If I wait til the next day the price goes up to $6300--thats supposed to be at a 35% discount.

$1000 a window is just too expensive. I mean, eventually, I think all replacement windows will end up having some issues because you can't stop a house from settling or shifting and the elements (rain, snow, wind, hail, etc) are bound to take a toll. I just can't see paying that much for windows.
A  9th of May, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Jenni in OKC your right...

Why do think they though you into the pressure cooker and tried to BBQ you right then and there. "Buy right now or the deal is OFF"... Champion sale pitch is designed like that. They don't want to five anyone any time to go shop them around so they told you the price is going back up tomorrow. I would bet money if you walked back into that store and told them you would purchase now but only at the discounted rate they would write you up... Go ahead and try it for some fun, Then just bounce again as they are a bunch of liers. What are they having another 100% price increase tomorrow... What a JOKE...
You should of walked out as they where disrespecting you all along with there refined used car sales tactics. It is a really good thing you didn't fall for the line of BS...

Really, If everyone would do some leg work and really shop around for windows before having a Champion Representative come out. I would do that just to see there good dog and pony show and make then make them sweat bullets. If everyone really did there home work then Champion wouldn't sell a thing...

Here is a new flash for everyone to read. If you was to seek out a window that is using the Cardinal Glass Company "Comfort 366" glass package you have the same glass package that Champion was trying to sell you. Champion purchases its glass that they use within there window products just like any other window manufacture does. Cardinal glass Company is just one of about six flat glass companies that supplies all of the window manufactures in North America that choose to use its glass products. PPG is another glass company that does the same. Cardinal & PPG offers several different glass packages for sales to most window manufacture and the glass is manufactured for different regions of the US and for different climates of the US. The only thing that Champion manufactures is its insulated vinyl window frame units then they install the insulated flat glass into there window frame units. I guess that is how they get by with calling themselves a manufacture and that a joke as well because Champion really only manufacture a very low percentage of its final product.
Champion is just like any other window manufacture but they are still using those ole worn out 10 step used car sales tactics to max out there profits per sale. Have you ever heard that ole saying that say there are two ways to make money. You either do it with sales volume or profit margins. Champion is a prime example of the later way of making its money. They represent themselves of being a manufacture of a far superior product and its not true.

I say that you could the very same quality window product offered by Champion for at least half of there price ans somewhere between the $350 - $550 price range.
I wouldn't ever recommend the other end of the window price sales spectrum as there is some cheap window products out here but there is a happy middle that is equal to better then the Champion built window product.

There is one other issue you have to take into consideration when purchasing any window product. If you own a home built per 1978 and you have some lead paint issues that would add to the cost for the lead testing and additional installation costs but still its not going to be $1000.00 a window...Good luck
N  16th of May, 2010 by    0 Votes
D  5th of Jun, 2010 by    -1 Votes
Ladies and gentleman,

My name is Roberto DIBenedetto,
the current Division Manager here at Champion of Pittsburgh, despite some of the few negative remarks here on this site I would like to reassure everyone that we have thousands and thousands of satisfied clients, we have surveys that we send out to all our clients and when something does not go the right way, we do everything possible and imaginable to rectify the issues in favor of our clients.

I cannot comment to what others have done in the past and I have seen nothing else but dedication on professionalism and customer satisfaction as our first priority.

I have been in this industry for 20 years and I can see that Champion would not do to others what we wouldn't be done to ourselves.

I understand your frustration as I'm a consumer myself, our products are top quality and the several certifications and references cannot be bought rather, they have to be earned and, as I still believe that "word of mouth" is the best form of advertising if Champion was doing a bad job I believe everyone would know that after almost 60 years in business along with being one of the largest Home Improvement Companies in the USA.

I will always put the customer first as long as I'm running the Pittsburgh location and mantain our outstanding A+ rating with the BBB.

I like to thank all of our loyal clients in behalf of Champion Windows Siding & Patio Rooms of Pittsburgh
Roberto DiBenedetto
N  6th of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Roberto - Whats up Bro-Choc-ho?

When you say the "CURRENT" Div Mgr is it because you know that it isn't going to be long before Champion is just a a skid mark on your resume. You must have some baggage in your background where you have to have the J.O.B. (just over broke)
Did the corporate guys put you up to posting on this complaint site and saying the same old crap as before and wanting people to buy into your BBB A+ rating smoke and mirrors that you guys put up and it just bunch of bull. I have seen companies that really has earned a F rating turn that all around quickly and buy themselves an A+ rating by throwing more money at the BBB for its Accreditation program. That is all it takes to come in there world at the BBB and Champion know that all to well. The BBB isn't going to bit the hands the greases there plums. Champion is exploiting that cozy business relationship and trying to use that as being an legitimate but its doesn't pass the smell tests as Champion does not have clean hands and your actions do speck louder then your words. We will keep exposing them for being the PIGS that you are...

Dude, are you even legal to work in the US? I was wondering why you didn't you take that permission in AZ? Ummmm

See my next posting as I'm about to expose Champions for the pigs that they are... Mask
A  6th of Jun, 2010 by    +2 Votes
Champion answer these questions for us:

Why does Champion go around and represent themselves a "manufacturer" when your just a selling Crane brand siding? You guys don't manufacture and siding do you?

What is so "exclusive" about the Champion Comfort 365 glass when Champion does not manufacture any glass products for your Windows or Sunrooms?

What percentage of there products does Champion really manufacturer. Is it 5% or 10%

Isn't the only thing that is "exclusive" about the Champion Comfort 365 glass is the name that you call it by?

Isn't all of glass that Champion is using within its windows and sunroom products made by the Cardinal Glass Co?

Isn't the Class just that is used is the Cardinal LowE366 glass?

Why doesn't Champion ever post any of its prices for any of its products at anytime?

Is the your salespeople rewarded more for selling over the PAR pricing?

Is the Par price just "true" book price without any type of overages and less 50%

Are your salespeople paid an 8% sales commission for selling up at your par price?

Isn't the lowest commission pay scale at a 45% or (-55%) of profit then the salespeople get nothing for any sale that is under 45%?

Don't you guys think that a 45% profit margin would be enough for most other companies to operate within?

At what commission percentages does Champion and its sales staff members split any overages with the house or Champion?

Isn't the overage point incluse any profis that is over your 50% par price and that is always split with the house at Champion?

When a salesperson has gotten a sale with any overages on it doesn't the salesperson have the option to take there 8% commission plus 50% on any overages that is added together or they can take half of the overages which ever is the larger commission on that sale?

I will just assume that Champion is going to call those project overages "a performance incentives bonus" but it a really an incentive for your salespeople to cook the price book prices on any project and if they are willing to over inflate your already way over inflated product prices. They will add-on travel charges, heavy dump fees and types of products and service to get as much overages as they can. This is done all the time so the salespeople could show a the huge sale discount at 40% (60 profit) or even at at 50% discounts and the salespeople would still have some projects overages that is over the par price and that is always split with the house or Champion?

Isn't the highest commission rate at Champion pays on its windows is 80% of the profits for a self-generated sales lead?

By splitting any project overages profits with your salespeople doesn't Champion Corporate just give the appearance of being really unscrupulous and really a way to do business, It shows there true creature and there commission plan is all set up to promote these actions to take place within the Champion organization.

Does Champion change there standard book prices during any "open house" or sales at Champion to cover for the huge discounts rates that they advertised during that sale?

If any of the Champion people come back into this website and they keep posting Pro-Champion posting within it I will keep exposing Champion more and more. I can hear Champion now saying they would fired any salesperson on the spot for over inflating any of any prices because that is a bunch of lip service and pile of BS as that has been the Champion way for many years. If Champion does reply like that then I will post a copy of there price book and there Champion sales commission work sheet that would prove what I'm saying here has merit and is the truth.

Champion of Cini, OH is just set up just to put the screws to its customers and they don't have clean hands in anyway shape or form no matter what they is coming out of there lips. It is all just bunch of smoke and mirrors and sales trickery as well as outright deliberate deceit that is allowed this to take place within the Champion organization with they are participating within it all while condoning it all and profiting from that behavior. Buyers Beware as Champion is not what try to represent themselves as.

N  7th of Jun, 2010 by    0 Votes

I have been interviewing with Champion and I decided to do an additional Google search to see what sort of complaints have been levied against them; I found this board.

I had the opportunity to sit in on a sales call with one of the representatives here in Texas (I won't offer which city) and I have to offer that in 15 years of sales experience (commissioned as well as partially commissioned) this was one of the most professional, no pressure presentations I've ever seen. Contrary to the generalizations thrown out about them, I have to defer to what I've seen and what else I've read about them: Champion Windows (Cincinnati, OH) has a great reputation in the 'Window's Industry' for producing a high-value window, AND taking care of its customers.

This whole attack on them for how they sell, and how they generate their profits, commissions, etc is just silly. Let's say for the sake of argument that Champion uses 'sweat-shop-child-labor' in its plants...let's just say they're the most evil company ever...guess what? It's meaningless since they have this thing called 'competition.' No one HAS to buy windows from Champion, or Pella, or 'ABC window manufacturer.' Because of that. it's completely irrelevant. If you only have "X dollars" to pay for windows, and Champion's is "2X, " then why would you or anyone buy from them.

When I buy any large ticket item (I never had to buy windows) I make my decision based on a few things: 1.) Do I TRUST the company to fulfill its promises, 2.) Do I LIKE the Rep/Company, and 3.) Is it in my budget...this does not mean the cheapest, but it does mean that I want a great value. I have to believe that most people buy similarly. I've read complaints about 'A Lifetime Warranty is meaningless if the company won't stand behind it;" it sure as heck is meaningful if they're NOT living up to the word of their warranty because it opens them so easily for litigation. I'm not taking a side here, but I will offer that there are ALWAYS 2 sides to a story.

All that being said, I am empathetic toward those who have received poor customer service. I find in those cases that I've received it, I give them a chance to repair the relationship, and then move on from there. If they can't or won't after going through 'the process, ' I then send my business elsewhere and get on with life; I found that's better than dedicating massive hours to campaigning against them on complaint boards attempting to find fault in EVERY aspect of their business model. (That kind of time, energy, and research is put in BEFORE I buy from them in the attempt to avoid getting 'taken.')

Have a great day everyone.
N  8th of Jun, 2010 by    +1 Votes
Well Tex it sound like your already sold and you have bought the farm with a ONE CALL CLOSE... You already bought off on the deal hook, line, and sinker so you owner now... You better hope you get past any 3 day contract recession if you know what I mean... Champion would of never taken you out on any of itd presentation before you have committed to them so who do you think your kidding. Your in training so tell it like it is...NEWBIE

If you had looked around Champion as a whole you could seen clearly that most of the experienced people has already bolted though Champions revolving doors and hit the afterburners in moving onto some better . Your a complete [censor] with your statements about "value" You can tell your in training as Champion is training you to what they want you to say and when to say it right... So tell us all what "value" does Champion offer to anyone?

Your not taking sides... The hell your not Newbie. Your statements says it all. Your just another Champion pasty employee that is peeved about your game being exposed by my posting so your weak [censor] come in here trying to discredit an ole pro from way back. You should just go head on and get some and when you burn out your or go broke trying there will be another sucker to fill your shoes soon. Maybe you should do a record check at the local labor board and find out how many employees that Champion has blow though in the last three years if you think they are so professional.

What lifetime warranty newbie? Your just a Champion puppet on a string. The customers have to pay after two years so that is a JOKE and its not worth the paper it printed on. Read other posting on this web site about that same subject about that. Yes, I stand by all of my statements as they from experience and yours does not. You only know what you have been told to know by Champion and one of these days you will wake up and smell the coffee and go get you a real JOB. You couldn't find a job that pays you a salary plus commissions then something else is wrong. You must be a used car salesman or something like that.

Hey here your some value for you TEX. How about I post a copy of the Champion price book on-line for the public to see it so everyone would know that your just waisting there time in having you guys come out to there home. Here a news flash for you NEWBIE any good window contractor could take your best price estimate for anything that you sell and offer the same products with the same warranty at half off Champions best bottom line deal and still they are making a nice profit. You guys use the same labor pool and just contract out the your labor so what is the why should anyone pay you guys double? You tell us? I guess you would call that "value" right? How about calling it what it really is as you seem to have a problem doing that but ITS A RIPOFF

Its my mission to expose Champion for that so stay tunes as there is a lot more to come.


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