Cex - Playstation / faulty products

England, Greater London, United Kingdom

I purchased a Sony Playstation from CEX - Stratford Branch in July 2011. After just 9 months the console stopped working amd so I went back to the store asking for the console to be repaired, as per my receipt. They told me I need to contact Sony directly. When I contacted Sony they said as the console purchased was second hand, it is nothing to do with them. I went back to CEX and again asked them to repair as per the receipt and told them that it has a warranty for 12 months. They then told me the warranty only applied to software no hardware. I told them that this is not specified on the reciept after which they agreed to test it out and that it would take 48 hours. Later that evening I received a text from them saying the disk has become faulty and that they cant do anything about it and to collect the console ASAP. I was disgusted by the level of service.

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