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CeX / phone purchase

1 unit 34 the kennet centre newbury berkshireNewbury England Berkshire, United Kingdom

I brought a phone, just before Christmas, blackberry. I was charged £178 and the price was on a sticker on the back of the phone. Just a charger was supplied and I was told it was an easy phone to get used to and very similar to Samsung galaxy. That was a lie. I was also told I could go back for an instruction book if needed. As it was so high in price, he would do that as a favour. A week later, I went in for the manual and was told they do not do that! Another week later, I went in for an exchange and was told it had only cost £70 I pointed out a member of staff who was on the next till, on the day I purchased the phone and he called her into the cctv room. When she exited, she kept her head down and could not look me in the eye. She went to the window display and played with a phone similar to the one I had. However, this is not yet significant but holds that thought. I was told if I could produce a receipt then he would pay me the difference back as they do that. When I asked if they often overcharge then, to my horror he said it has happened a few times. I pointed out perhaps one of his staff was onto a scam he got irate I said I wasn’t suggesting he was up to anything, but it would reflect on him if his staff kept taking money off customers. Only to realise his staff had pocketed the cash. I was jovial about this and light-hearted as I wanted to exchange my phone and felt sorry this poor young person seemed to have incompetent staff. His reaction was to get angry and yell all his staff were trust worthy and answer to him and had no way of tampering with till or receipts . this outburst was both intimidating and set off this people up to no good radar. I said on the day of purchase how I had never paid so much for anything and she was a small part of that discussion but it was a lengthily discussion and we joked about me not giving the full amount of cash and had to get more out of my purse, so there was 2 incidents of handing over money. Not hugely memorable, if it hadn’t taken an hour to chose my purchase heavily guided by a sales rep, who’s friend had previously owned the phone. (which is heavily faulty) he even let slip that the friend had had issues with the phone but back tracked with saying they were not related to the performance because he was a teci . I took him at face value. I will not be so trusting again the original price sticker, on the back of the phone had faded but 78 could still be seen, the manager produced a receipt for £70. after much reluctance, he DOWNLOADED CCTV FOOTAGE ONTO HIS OWN PHONE • Have clear procedures on how to use the system and when to disclose information; and • Make regular checks to ensure the procedures are followed. When can CCTV images be disclosed? You have the right to see CCTV images of you and to ask for a copy of them. The organisation must provide them within 40 calendar days of your request, and you may be asked to pay a fee of up to £10 (this is the maximum charge, set by Parliament). This is called a Subject Access Request. You will need to provide details to help the operator to establish your identity as the person in the pictures, and to help them find the images on their system. How long can an organisation retain CCTV images? Organisations should have a retention policy. They should only keep the images for as long as necessary to meet the purpose of recording them. which is his personal phone and it was in sections rather than in full so had clearly been tampered with. I was informed it was his personal phone when I remarked on how nice it was. He even had the audacity to tell me they he was thinking of selling it to cex if I wanted to come back in a few weeks and he would do a part exchange with my blackberry. I could not look him in the eye as his hair covered half his face. Stylish but inappropriate. This should tell the reader, something about cex, s management. I told him I had purchased a sd card at the same time, which he asked to see as I had refused to allow him to walk away with my phone. As there seemed no logic to it and he could not or would not explain why he wanted to take it away and to where. I never got my sd card back either. Therefore, that is another £5 stolen by cex manager. It is fair to not he was very young. I am only in my 30s After I reiterated the above, he shuffled from foot to foot and repeated he was the manager and has the last say and refused to give me a copy so I could see it in full. He then quickly said he was going to delete it off the entire system. I reminded him that was illegal until this situation was resolved. his response was “I’m gonna deleate it so there”. I could not believe what I had heard and said parden. He repeated. I told him I do not consent to its removal from the system and was told he is the manager so can do what he wants. His attitude led me to wonder if him and a small group of workers were on to some fraud and he was not really a manager. I later found the receipt and it said £78 yet I clearly charged £178 and who immediately checks there recipe on purchase. Cctv in full clearly shows me handing over two lots of £100 pounds. Hence, why I was only allowed to see it in part and why on a personal phone’s, I again told him and showed him the sticker on the back which he said was never on there as they don’t have sticker on the back. I asked to look at another product he directed the sales assistant to a phone (the one that she was playing with) and the sticker on the back was a product number not a price. again, he told me I was lying about my sticker not being the same as the box sticker. I am more than happy to email pics of these alleged no existent stickers. I am reading up on law and considering a private prosecution against the director or owner of cex what else can I do. As there seems to be no management an from what iv experienced, I think it’s time to get a bundle of complaint together and pursue court action against this greedy over bloated corporation He also said I was lying about the sticker on the back of my phone not matching with the sticker on the back of the box and accused me of creating it an when I suggested how I could always pay for forensic analysis on this said sticker then sue him personally for libel and deformation, as keep calling me a liar and acting like a child not a professional, predictably he said he would sue me but couldn’t say on what grounds. If I could post a link to a picture I would but I have no idea how, taking a photo and loading it onto the computer is pointless as no computer seems to recognise the phone when plugged in, just one of the many issues. i would like my money back but at this stage, leagal action may be the only way forward the serial number and order number, do not even have 78 in it so more f prof thatthe price sticker was just that

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