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I had recently relocated (within the last week) to Indianapolis, In., and was in a local Hobby Lobby buying stuff for my new home, had a complete cart full, obviously decorating an entire house, you can imagine how long that process takes and how fun and exciting it is to find all of it and the idea of having it in your home only to get to register, go thru the pain staking process of checking out to only have the little clerk run my check three times, call over a manager (did I mention there was only one checker and a TON of other customers behind us) to be handed a little slip saying they cant accept my check for whatever reason and that I have to call this company, Certegy to get an answer; well after my complete embarassing moment I went out to my car and called immediately only to get an automated system asking questions pertaining to the transaction (of course no option of a LIVE person) to be told they could not vertify any information and did not see why it would have been declined and that my transaction was at the discretion of the merchant; well that wasn't going to work apparently and I still can't get a straight answer from them or bank as to why I was declined; So now, after my embarassing moment I am truly afraid of writing a check anywhere ever again. Not sure what direction to take now since Certegy isn't going to be a help, and my bank obviously can't tell every merchant I go to that my check is good; having never written a bad check I really am not sure why I should even continue using a bank, maybe I should go back to the old way of things and put my money in my mattress; Automation is a two step forward and one backwards.

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  • Ma
      Jan 21, 2015

    I fail to see how it's hobby lobby's fault that your check was declined. Our registers literally don't let us process a check without an approval number. So if it was declined, there's no way they could have taken it.

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