CenturyLink / internet upgrade request, tech and customer service do not know what they are doing

Immokalee, FL, United States

Called on June 5, 17 in late evening hours requested an my internet speed increased as I was already being billed $50 per month and only getting 5 Mbps, but I could get more Mbps. So June 5, 17 I spoke to a representative and was told it could be bumped up but would take 24 hours the next day late evening nothing was done. Called service again was told that was a mistake it would not be bumped up until Thursday June 8, 17. On June 8 nothing happen. Called again late that evening and was told a service technician would have to come out and install a new cable and there would be no charge. The service tech was scheduled to come out on Wednesday June 14, 2017. The tech came out my daughter was there and she said he was there for only for a few minutes and said there was no way he could install upgrade to allow more Mbps. I think Century Link just does not want to bump up speed or just does not care. Service tech and customer service is terrible never had this problem with Embarq or Sprint. I even had 10 Mbps for a while with Embarq and no technician had to come out. It was bumped from Embarq location SO I THINK YOU GUYS ARE THE WORST SERVICE AND I AM ALREADY WORKING ON GETTING XFINITY AS SOON AS I DO I WILL BE GONE... I HAD A LAND PHONE FOREVER YOU WOULD HAVE THOUGHT CENTURY LINK WOULD HAVE OFFERED ME A DISCOUNT ON MY LAND PHONE AS I WAS PAYING $45 PLUS AND ONLY FOR LOCAL CALLS...

Jun 26, 2017

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