CenturyLink / internet not working since 14 days!

On Wednesday, 15th of November our Internet went down. A day later a technician showed up and told us nothing wrong with the router. So another one showed up on the next day and told us finally, that the fibre glass in our yard is broken. A few days later, someone called to let us know, it will be fixed that afternoon. Nobody showed up. Since then we haven't hear a word, even I call in every other day. We always hear the same answer: the field supervisor will call you back. Nobody is ever calling back! We are still waiting for a working Internet!
That's the worst part, that no one really cares! Will our Internet ever be fixed and when or do we really have to change the provider? We are a very good client and have brought many clients to you through our work as property manager.

Nov 29, 2017

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