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I have had DSL at my address for the past 3 years. I started out with CenturyTel. CenturTel was bought out by CenturyLink (CL). Since the acquisition, I have had nothing but problems. We have had somewhere in the neighborhood of a dozen calls in to tech support over the past two years. It's getting completely and totally out of hand and ridiculous. The speeds with CenturyTel were consistently 1.5 Mb. The one instance when I did have an issue, CenturyTel sent someone out right away to examine things and work their magic. Service was great afterward.

Enter CL. Service started out ok at best. There seemed to be a lot of fluctuation in DL speeds. The situation worsened to the point where a simple web page like Gmail was taking 5-10 minutes to open. I checked everything over on my end, ran a couple of speed tests, and reluctantly called tech support. My fear was that since I own my modem, I was going to be fed the line "It's not our equipment, so you're on your own." I was not given that line. I was directed to complete a couple of speedtests and modem checks, then put on hold. The result was that a tech would be out to check things out.

Now, we're getting to the part that I absolutely love. I am given a window of time when the tech will arrive. I take off of work to be there. I am told that the tech will call prior to showing up. Three full hours after the eight hour window had come and gone, and as we leaving the house to go have dinner, guess who pulls into the driveway? Mr. CL tech, sans courtesy phone call. We reservedly cancel our dinner plans.

The tech replicates the issues that I was experiencing earlier. He says he needs to call in to the corporate office for further corrective actions. Then, he leaves. I assume that things are being handled. For the next week, the service is ok. Not quite what I was sold (1.5 Mb), but ok (1.2 Mb). Everything is downhill from here...

I assume that CL sold a couple of my neighbors on the service as the quality and consistency has been steadily declining for two years. My most recent call into tech support resulted in CL sending out a tech. The tech stood in my house, and showed me that he was getting the same results. He traveled to the end of the road where the "device", as he referred to it, was located and performed further testing. The tech returned and, again standing in my house, told me that the results he got at the end of the road were the same as at the house and unacceptable. He then proceeded to tell me that he would have to put in a call to have the "device" at the end of the road repaired. After all this, he left.

A week goes by and nothing seems to have changed with the slow speeds (200-400 kb). So, I called CL to check on the status of the ticket. The person on the other end of the phone says, and I'm quoting him directly here, "Everything looks good on our end, so we went ahead and closed the ticket." He said this as though eh was doing me some sort of personal favor.

What?!? Do you think that I called because I enjoy donating my time to your teleprompt system? I ask about the ticket. He says that the tech who was at my house had in his notes that everything looked fine. After two years of being jerked around over this, being upsold to service that apparently is unavailable here, and now being flat out lied to in my own house, I went nuclear on this poor kid. "Are you kidding me? You or your technician are lying to me. Perhaps both. Completely and totally unacceptable."

I was told that CL would send someone out right away to take care of the issue. It's been two months. I think that at this point, simply as a matter of personal satisfaction, litigation will ensue. Someone there needs to be held responsible, as I get the impression that corporate protocol is to pass the responsibility like some sort of hot potato.

If someone from CL is reading this, please do feel free to explain yourself. I simply do not understand how a company gets to be that large and still operate in an envelope of complete and utter incompetence in one of their areas of core competence. It simply makes no sense.

Oh, and if you're so inclined, could you please tell me when lying to a customer is the best policy? I must have glazed over that subject in college.
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N  13th of Apr, 2011 by    0 Votes

My name is Joey and I'm with CenturyLink. I'm sorry to read about the trouble you've had with our service. If you email me at Joey@CenturyLink.com with your name, account information and reference your post here on Complaintsboard.com, I'll be glad to look into your concerns. Thanks.

Joey H
CenturyLink Customer Outreach
A  28th of Jun, 2011 by    0 Votes
We just signed up for Centurylink (CL) internet services in Wisconsin (where CL has a monopoly in our area). They sold us 10 Mbps service. When we arrived at our new home, we had no service, contacted CL, and were told CL had an outage in our area - and that they needed 36 to 48 hours to fix it. So, 60 hours later, we had service... at about 10% the bandwidth we paid for. So... we reported the problem, got a trouble ticket, and 24 hours later had no improvement in service.

This morning, I ran all the necessary speed and ping tests, documented poor performance, and called CL. Rather than fix our problem, they simply downgraded our account without telling us to 1.5 Mbps service. Unfortunately, that's not fast enough for what we need to do. They refuse to provide greater bandwidth unless our whole neighborhood files a petition for higher speed service, and agrees to buy the higher speed service.

I asked CL to suggest another provider who could deliver what we need, and the reps refused to do so.

CL has a monopoly here. They don't have to deliver good service; they own the market. Take what CL will give you or you get nothing. CL will sell you what they know they can't deliver, and will charge you for the premium service until you catch them cheating you.

Bottom line, CL sold us a product they knew they couldn't deliver. When we caught CL unable to deliver what we paid for, CL simply downgraded our service order without our knowledge.

I assume there is no criminality in this "kinda fraudulent" situation because CL does not guarantee performance, only connection to bandwidth. And, they have a way of talking their way out of liability.

Very disappointing at best.

If anyone knows of an alternative to Centurylink Internet services in Oconto County, Wisconsin, please let us all know!


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