Centurylink Dsl / slow dsl

Broomfield, CO, United States

I am in Broomfield, CO and have been with Qwest/CenturyLink DSL for more than 5 years. I signed up for the priced for life guarantee at 1.5 MBps when Qwest was in charge, now I see my modem has the speed listed at 576 k, and since the switch to CL, I have seen my rates go up. More expensive and slower is not acceptable. I ran a speed test and the results are .5 MBps download and .52 MB upload. I have trouble streaming any video and sometimes even relatively low bandwidth sites have trouble loading. This service is unacceptable. Also I checked into these ads for $20, 5 year guarantee when bundling DSL with home phone for 12 MBps and find that this pricing does not apply in my area, that is totally misleading. Broomfield is not rural, it is a suburb of Denver, there are fiber optic lines throughout the city, Why does our address not qualify for you're advertised rates? CenturyLink, I am looking elsewhere for service unless you can do something about this.

Apr 07, 2013

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