CenturyLink / billing — fraudulent practices

In 2011, I signed up my dad (100 miles away) with centurylink. Cancelled in 2014, he died in 2015. Bills sent to me. This week I received a past-due notice for $224. I called them, rerouted to maybe 5 people, nobody wanted to listen. It took about an hour and a half.
Next day, I tried again. Billing people tell me that I signed up dec. 2017 and cancelled in march 2018. No. Absolutely not — and wouldn't I have received statements? (they say I did). Such liars! Fraud people tell me that it is from my dad's service in 2011 that I didn't cancel (I cancelled by phone and by letter — they said they don't accept letters)... But still, would it total $224 after 5 to 7 years? I know that I cancelled my dad's, as his money was in a trust and I was executor — required to prove everything. But why two different stories? What is going on?

Jun 01, 2018

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