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CenturyLink / billing and service liars

1 Colorado Springs, CO, United States

15 years ago Centurylink/Qwest had a bundle deal for us. NOT ONCE IN 14 months was the bill ever correct or the same. We would lose inet service for days at a time and it would take HOURS on the phone to get anywhere, only to do it again when the next bill came. I unbundled the phone service and kept the tv, yet qwest paid the tv the next month when they were not even bundled and I was told to 'sort it out'. I was livid, paid the bill in full on the 12th and moved. A year later we have a collections account from them for the same amount that I paid in the last bill and it said the amount was due 2 days after I had paid in full. I called w/the check number etc, yet there were 4 different excuses why the charge was valid: directv didn't pay them back, oops, we meant that you should have been billed ahead and weren't so there's an extra month (which happened to included the tv fee), then it was that the deposit didn't cover it, then there was no deposit. WTH people?!
We recently moved and needed a land line as my mobile was not working in the mountain town we chose. Directv recommended doing a bundle, because after 15 years they have to be better, right? I called and was VERY clear that I am on a fixed income and the bundle HAS to be less than the $117 for tv and $51 for inet and mobile phone. I was told repeatedly that it was phone/long distance/internet for $65 p/mo. I consented and explained I'm an IT person and did not need an install, but was told an installer HAD to be sent out for the inet portion; just to turn it on, its not an installation, so I agreed. the installer took forever, I ended up buying a modem for $100, and he kept on until he could get online...fine. I knew I wasn't paying for an install, so I was waiting on him to just be done. I called 5 times to find out what the initial fee would be because I could NOT get a straight answer out of them, besides $64 and 'some fees'. I call at one point and they want to know who "Lorelei' was on my account, then told me they couldn't discuss my OWN account because this other woman was on it. I get the bill and for 3 days of service I was charged $278!!! I was told it was the 3 days prorated, a month ahead billing, INSTALLATION, and fees. I had to wait for my bill to complain about the install I didn't want and shouldn't have been charged for. Month 2, I have a $30 credit, I'm charged a second installment for installation of $20, and $35 in fees that are NOT explained. My $64 p/mo bill is now magically $109 p/mo!! WHAT PART OF FIXED INCOME IS NOT UNDERSTOOD? I already eat from the food pantry, now they've taken my medication budget too! I'm more than angry, I AM LIVID! These are predators. They need to be stopped.

Jul 21, 2015

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