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Cheyenne, WY, United States Review updated:

Century Link has got to be one of the worst Internet service providers that has, is, and will ever exist. I had wireless Internet service from Qwest, which Century Link bought out. Falling for Century Link's line of bull, I upped the speed of my Internet service. Three Century Link reps told me the monthly fee was the same as my current one. Ha! My fee increased by $11 a month, and when I inquired about the increase, the customer service rep told me, "That's just what it costs." She added that some of the fee was "taxes". I asked why the "taxes" weren't separated out on my bill. She sputtered. To add insult to injury, the "increased" speed on my Internet service is slower than it was with the lesser Qwest speed. This, a tech told me, is because of my router, which I had been told by 3 other reps would handle the new speed. Even the tech told me the router would handle the speed. Then, realizing what she'd admitted, switched to the problem being my phone jack, which, evidently, suddenly became defective once Century Link service took over. And, the router didn't work at first, so when I talked to the tech I asked her to solve that problem. She was too dim to instruct me to shut it off for 30 seconds, then turn it back on -- a standard fix, I've now been told by 4 friends who are better techs than the Century Link tech. (The router does work now.) But, I can no longer stream movies to my TV through my blue-ray as I used to be able to do with Qwest (at a lower speed, remember). I've heard lots of complaints about Century Link around here, especially about the company's very high, and apparently arbitrary fees. Horrible service, tech service is a joke, prices are outrageous, and service reps tell customers different stories. A bad company. I hope they sell out to a company with high professional and customer service standards.

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