Century Link / lied about payment plan

If I call to ask a question about my account and inform them that I'm having trouble paying my bill, guess what they do? They try to sell me more products and services even though I just told them that I'm already having a hard time paying what I owe. But they keep telling me that by buying more products and services I will save money. They talked me into buying a lap top from them. They told me that the lap top was going to be divided up into 6 monthly payments. But instead they charged me the full amount at the same time. So my bill was over $200. When I called to ask why the bill wasn't split up into 6 monthly payments they said that it's because they can't split it up into payments. Even though that's what the sale person told me they would do when I signed up. I"m tired of them trying to sell me stuff every time I call to pay my bill. It is so annoying. I only have $200 after paying my rent each month. I just sent an email to century link threatening to leave. I want to send the lap top back. And I want my phone and internet disconnected. And I want to buy a disposable cell phone from the store. That way I won't be obligated to pay a phone bill every month. With a disposable cell phone I can just add minutes if I want more minutes. But won't be obligated to pay a monthly bill if I don't want to.

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