Century Communities Builder / warranty issues/buyers ignored

San Antonio, TX, United States
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We bought our century home sept, 26, 2016. After purchasing the home, we were told to call the companies themselves (plumbers, electricians, etc.) for problems, and not the builder.
The home they built next to ours is only 9 feet away their sprinklers water our house and yard and the drainage is poor. Also, our sprinklers were placed outside our fence on the north side we were told "to water the grass" around the mailboxes.
When we complained to the sprinkler co., the man stated he needed approval to change the oversized heads between the houses, and would move the heads around the mailboxes only if century approved it. The foreman for century stated"all the houses are built the same & you are the only ones that complain" several calls & e-mails and 5 months later, nothing has been done. No response to our calls or e-mails last 2 months. Why do we have to water the part of the property that is not ours, & especially around the mailboxes? If someone falls? We do not want our brick discolored either with other's watering. The issue could be resolved if the sprinkler heads that are watering our house would be changed to a smaller size as suggested by the installer, and the line of sprinklers outside our property and around the mailboxes capped (7). I have e-mails but unable to forward at this time thank-you, mr.&mrs ms, [protected]

May 18, 2017

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