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Central Portfolio Control / Harassment

1 MN, United States Review updated:

I owe debt, I'm not disputing that. My wife and I are currently in bankruptcy proceedings, I'm not disputing that. We backed ourselves into a corner with debt and have enormous regrets, I'm not disputing that either, HOWEVER, none of that gives ANY collections agency or debt collector the right to harrass me or my family. My father received messages from this CPC (shady piece-of-crap collections agency) asking for him. When he finally talked to them, they claimed that I had used his name as an alias (a lie) and asked to talk to me. When he tried to give them the number to my bankruptcy lawyer, they yelled at him, saying "I don't want to talk to a lawyer, I want to talk to XXXXX!" He hung up. I called them back to find out what they wanted. The woman started in on her little collections speech, and I stopped her and told her to call my lawyer. She said "I don't want to talk to a lawyer!" I told her that she had no choice. She then told me that "I needed to learn some respect." I told her that I would give her my lawyer's number only once, and never to call here again. I started giving her the phone number, and she hung up. I called back and got her voicemail, where I left the number, name of my lawyer, and AGAIN asked her never to call here again.

I do plan on hiring a civil attorney and suing CPC if they call back just once more. I am recording the times and dates of each call in order to use in civil proceedings. I will also begin recording the actual phone calls (within the law). I know my rights under federal and state laws, and they have begun to violate them from the beginning. I will keep posting as the situation unfolds. Bottom line, they are rude, inconsiderate, and violate the law at every turn. They are a worthless company and hopefully will be a FORMER company.

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  • Al
      28th of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    OMG I am dealing with some of the same things. They just called me for the first time on my personal cell phone no less. They asked for my husband I told them he was not here the lady told me she had to have payment NOW. I said I need you to first send something from your office to my home showing who you are and what you want. 7 days ago. Away she just called me again saying I should have callled her by now. So I did call her BTW our debt in under 1, 000 not much at all. I don't care for the fact that she answers the phone like it is her home phone. She got so nasty with me saying they would take us to court she is meeting with her lawyers tommarrow and will get his wages garnished. I am willing to pay my debt just I need about three weeks because right now I am two months behind on paying my house payments. She then said well then I make sure to tell them you are NOT going to pay and we will see you in court! WTF not at all what I said. When I asked what I could do she told me she needed right now before hanging up the phone two checks by phone, one I hane NO money, two I do Not know who she even is other than her name is sally may or something. I asked who she worked for and she said the name so fast all I could catch was cpc last word control thank god you wrote this or I would still not know. Everytime I begain to question who she was or say I did not have money she would raise she voice and tell me not to get nasty with her and that is should have not felt sorry for me. I asked for a main number to the company aswell and was told someone else would call me later...she will not answer her cell phone now lol. I am down with helping you in anyway I have never been treated this way before.

  • Ki
      31st of Jan, 2009
    +1 Votes

    My husband received a phone call in reference to a debt i owe. The man's name was Jamie and said rudely that my husband and I were not answering his numerous messages. He's called my phone 3 times from a 952 # and has left 1 message to call an 800 # and today called my husband from a 920 # for the first time. My husband said he was really rude to him, saying I had to call him back within the next 20 minutes and that this was a very serious matter as they were going to take me to court. What's funny is that I know I owe this debt as I was going through a very bad time a couple of years ago and took out 2 credit cards from the same company. one had a very high balance and a company called in reference to it. They were very professional and nice, not once threatened me or was rude and now I am taking care of my balance monthly. Now, this random company starts calling just in the past week and are threatening to sue me over a due balance that wasn't nearly as much as the other card. If they were trying to collect money the legal way, I would have no problem, but a company can't expect to get my money acting this way. I work in the collections field and I know they have stepped over their boundaries.

  • Us
      6th of May, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I just received a phone call from them, recorded, then it hung up. not for me but I want to know, and have the right to know who is calling into my house. I called the number back from the caller id and some man answered... long story short extremely rude, unprofessional, inconsiderate and when I tried to find out who he was and what they wanted he hung up! I called back, got transferred several times and got nowhere, etc. etc. Anyway, if any of you ever need an additional "voice" for a lawsuit just let me know, I'd be glad to voice facts against these idiots!!! if you do, post on here stating that and I'll post my contact e-mail.

  • Ro
      3rd of Jul, 2009
    +1 Votes

    I filed a suit against these idiots for FDCA violations they asked my atty to accept $350.00 because they are only a "small co" what a joke they violate the law and then plead stupid I suggest you tape any calls and then call a good lawyer I suggest Warren & Vullings in Philadelphia PA GOOSD LUCK against these ###

  • Cp
      28th of Aug, 2009
    +2 Votes

    i received an automated voicemail on my work phone with instructions to call a number and no other info was given. against my better judgement, i called thinking maybe it was for me. i spoke with a white guy (no one ever gives names there so that you can't prove anything when you complain) who says this guy used this number as his work number. i explained that i had been here over a year and i, nor anyone else in my office, had ever heard of the guy. he then asks me to transfer him to human resource dept. i didn't have the info; he becomes extremely rude. had he used a little tact i might have tried to point him in the right direction but by this time i was livid. i called both #s (800 280 1565 & 958 944 1620) and a guy that sounded exactly like him (i believe it was) kept answering and arguing with me. by this time i am starting to feel like i am dealing with some scam artist. i go online and do a phone reverse lookup and discover this company CPC. i read through numerous horror stories about them from MANY people with situations just like mine. i called the CPC headquarters to report this and spoke with someone who claimed to be a manager (again no names and they all sound mysteriously alike!!!) and his attitude was basically like ok so what's your point, get over it and even accused me of probably being the actual person they're looking for!!! now i can see where the first employee learned his behavior and it appears as though everyone at the company that i spoke with all had the same attitude.
    i have been in debt collections before so i understand they have a job to do. i know you have to be tough with people lying to you and deadbeats refusing to pay. however, when you are harassing the wrong people then there is a problem!!! not once did anyone apologize or anything. they are all extremely rude and have an attitude like they think they're gods or something.
    i don't know who this person is that they are looking for but i hope that he owes a lot of money and never repays it. i hope cpc never finds him either. and for ### and giggles i dare them to call me again. this time i'll be ready and they'll never forget it!!!

  • Iw
      22nd of Dec, 2009
    +2 Votes

    I just received a phone call from cpc also. They were looking for someone other than myself. I tried to explain to the guy on the phone who was named Mark Romine. He was so rude!!! I simply ask to not be called again because I do not a have anything to do with the account he was asking. He then proceeded to tell me personal information about the account holder who is a family member, but still that persons personal account information should not be given out to anyone but herself. I then ask to speak to a manger. And Mark told me he did not want to waste his mangers time!!! I told him I did not want to speak to him any longer and he said he didn't want to speak to me either. I called back again when Mark hung up on me. And an man named Ryan answered the phone he also was extremely rude and refused to transfer me to a manger. Ryan also hung up on me. I called back a third time, I needed to make sure I was able to speak to a manager to get my number off the call list because I have nothing to do with the account in question. I immediately ask to speak to a manager as soon as the cpc employee awnsered the phone, after a short quiz about what my reason for calling was, I was finally transfered to a manger who was also rude. All I was able to say to him was please take my number off your call list and he replied "ok ok it is removed". And then hung up on me. I am appaled at how rude I was treated. I remained calm despite the ignorance. I understand that the collection business is not a fun one but is Central Portfolio Control serious? What kind of business promotes this level of poor customer service. I am so disappointed that I use a phone carrier, At&t, that does business with a company like this. WOW!!!

  • As
      9th of Mar, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Absolutely the rudest person I've ever met, and what they're doing is illegal...and the guy has the gumption to tell me it's not. Well, I blocked their number, and now I'm on the hunt with my lawyer. There will NOT be a next time...and this "David" character will be fired, if I have my way.

  • Co
      1st of Apr, 2010
    -8 Votes

    The one common factor I am hearing here is that you owe the money. Lets use common sense for a min. If you simply step up to the plate, not lie, try to hide the fact that you have the ability to pay, any good collector will work with you. There is more to these stories than what the posters or debtors are telling us. I have been in this business for 25 yrs, and trust me, we want you to pay, no good collector is going to piss you off and talk nasty to you on the first contact. Pick up the phone return your calls and be responsable.


  • Co
      1st of Apr, 2010
    -9 Votes

    Oh and before you begin telling us what is legal, stealing money from creditors in my opinion should be illegal. I laugh regarding all these posts cause you folks have no clue what is legal and what is not, you watch a quick 20/20 show, read a post or two and think you are experts...Know this, only 1-2% of all complaints are viable, and the number of complaints are so small compared to the number of people who owe debts it crazy...simply pay your bill, If you cant pay your obligation today, set up an arrangment and KEEP IT!


  • As
      1st of Apr, 2010
    +4 Votes

    Yeah, you're a tool all right. I DO know what's legal and what isn't. And you DON'T know who I am, what I do or how I know that. So before you start pointing fingers and assuming that you know everyone's story, realize that sort of attitude is EXACTLY the point. You think you know it all before you talk to someone...and you don't. Regardless, you also are saying the magic words: "any good collector". You can't see the main theme here? It's that THIS particular ### is NOT "good". I don't see in my post where it says I said anything about "all collectors" or even more than one. But while you're accusing us all of stealing - and by the way, these collectors buy the debts, and I don't owe them in particular anything - why don't you check your facts first? What happened to us here - and what's happening to a lot of the people in the posts I'm reading - is, in fact, illegal. Your ignorance of that fact is a huge part of the problem...but then, by your own admission, you're a tool. Not much more I can say there.

  • Mr
      1st of Apr, 2010
    -6 Votes

    Its pretty simple really, TAKE CARE OF YOUR BUSINESS.

    Let me ask a few questions:
    Do you think it is ok to disregard the calls?
    refuse to pick up the phone (screen the calls)
    not return the messages after multiple messages are left?
    play the (catch me if you can game) and run from your obligations?
    Do you think its ok to look for a reason to not pay what you owe?

    See the games are all to familiar. You want to shift blame onto the collector, take the focus off the fact you owe money you borrowed and enjoyed spending, but when its time to pay it back, sometimes after years of default, you think its obsured someone would call you about it.

    You can twist it, turn it, flip it, any way you want to, but the fact remains you are not paying your bills. You borrowed money, enjoyed spending it, but dont want to pay it back. If you did you would make arrangements to pay it back. You can not tell me after 1-2-3-4-5-6-7 years you did not have a chance to pay it back. Tax returns, bonuses from work, retirment funds, work a second job, borrow the money, take a draw from work. Shall I go on? You can pay 50.00-100.00 a month if you wanted too. I see it every day, people who have cell phones and home phones (get ride of the cell), pay their cable bill before they pay their debts. Its all choose to ignore the bill. The only people who really can not pay are folks who are disabled and are on limited income, homeless, or dead...Hell I have seen woman on welfare pay their debts! why cause they have some morals and want to do the right thing.

    Now if you dare, lets hear your story, why have you not paid for what you owe? Why not file bankruptcy?


  • As
      2nd of Apr, 2010
    +3 Votes

    1. It's none of your business.
    2. It wasn't me they were harrassing, but my pregnant wife.
    3. Have you NOT read where these people call the wrong houses? That's one of the problems, too.
    4. You're a complete ###. You're biased because it's what you do for a living, and you've been brainwashed by the fools who work in such things.
    5. Reply to your heart's content. I'm not going to say anything more to you. You're ignorant, and it would be like trying to talk about calculus with a ###ed kid...or in this case, the legality of what these people are doing, which you don't seem to want to address. I NEVER said anything about legitimacy, debts, etc. I only said that they can NOT harass people, and that's why there are harassment laws. So keep on and on defending these actions if you want. Maybe I'll see you in court someday. Then you'll see who I am, what I do and why I know a LOT more about this than you apparently do.

  • Pa
      8th of Apr, 2010
    Best Best Advice +4 Votes

    I TOTALLY agree with A.S. Demeter - don't collectors (who say they understand) understand how the economy is at this time and listen to the news? Day after day milllions of people are losing their jobs, their homes - and whatever else -- they are filing bankruptcy because there aren't any funds for them to help out to pay the bills? THEN, because of this situation, you have companies, like CPC, who, first of all, I don't know where these clowns came from or how they even became collectors -- they have no respect, tact, or ANYTHING. What gives them the right to make threatening calls to your relatives because of a situation that YOU put yourself into? And, furthermore, if their name is NOT on the account - it is just YOU, THEY ARE NOT RESPONSIBLE FOR YOUR BILLS!!! I have talked with many lawyer - bankruptcy firms, and nobody is responsible for a debt of an acquaintenance if their name is not on the account! Why is that so hard for these idiots to understand? But these ###s from CPC can't get that through their pea-sized brains, and they want to contact your dead parents to "tattle" on you and let them know that "Johnny" or "Mary" has done a BAD thing! What will they try next?

  • Wh
      12th of Apr, 2010
    +1 Votes

    Calling the wrong number and not removing it from the database is ###ic?
    if all you needed to do was tell them it was a wrong # and they would go away guess what the deadbeats would do.
    This company has been annoying me for months about some guy i never heard of, I am still asking they not call here after months of being harassed, what to do?

  • Ag
      18th of May, 2010
    +3 Votes

    Ok, this Tool guy is A [censor]!!! This same company called my husband I for the FIRST time tonight. The collector, Mark Cooper, was SOO rude! All my wife did was ask for something in writing so that we could pay it. We didn't know anything about owing the money as we have NEVER received a bill. Had we received it, we would have paid it like we do all of our other bills. The guy was extremely rude, criticizing my wife and saying that we are unorganized. When I called him back after she hung up, he was just as rude and pretty much refused to give me anything in writing! I asked him if they have ever sent anything in the mail and he said, "Yes, TODAY!" Hello? How are we supposed to know about a bill when it is just being mailed today from Minnesota when we live in Ohio?? This was harassment, pure and simple and YES, it is ILLEGAL! I am a Military Police Officer and my wife is studying to be an attorney, so we DO KNOW THE LAW! We have the money to pay it and would have paid it had we known about it. We would've paid tonight had the [censor] been nice!


  • De
      12th of Oct, 2010
    +2 Votes

    Central Portfolio Control was very rude to me as well, I want to do anything I possibly can to get them back as the things they said where so offensive. I wrote a complaint to the ftc, is there any other actions I can do?

  • Je
      26th of Dec, 2010
    0 Votes

    just elect the arbitration clause in the contract. This will take away CPC's right to sue (litigation) and force them to follow arbitration rules in the contract to settle the owed debt. They won't want to arbitrate so they will just sell your debt. If by chance they do sue you, you can counter sue and/or also file a motion to dismiss because you elected arbitration. This is a secret weapon for consumers now, since the NAF can't be used for arbitration anymore, which was in bed with the creditors. All you have to do is educate yourself and realize deep down the law is on the consumers side, not the creditors. Use the law to your advantage and they will leave you alone and just go after the meek and uneducated with their silly scare tactics...

  • Dl
      9th of Aug, 2011
    +1 Votes

    I just received a call from this CPC company. They are telling me that I applied for a credit card with First U.S. Bank in '04 and owe around $12K. The lady on the phone immediate becasme rude, when I told her that I only had a corporate credit card with a $2K limit. Now I have owed some debts in the past, which I clear or settled no later than '05. None of what she says rings familiar, or true. She starts carrying on on how I haven't answered any of her questions. I had a business called to get on within a minute of her call. So, I informed her of such and ask her name and phone number. She just continued on about no fraud reported and how leery she was that she had the right phone number, so it must be the right person. I asked her again for her phone number & extension, name of company, and manager's name. She starts with her name hen goes back into the rant about me avoiding the debt. Between her rants, she got me just enough info so that I was free to just hang up. That was the most annoying exchange, and I will be looking into filing a major complaint. I was harassed and threaten 12 years ago and taken the steps need to put my credit on the right path. I do not need to go through something like this. In this day and age I can find so much information on the web, to protect myself. Thank God, for the internet (no disrespect to you, Al Gore).

  • Me
      27th of Mar, 2012
    +1 Votes

    So, I just received a call from this company.

    While I understand being in a position to not be able to pay your debts, because I have been there, I shouldn't be getting a call from this or any other collection company. I learned after my bankruptcy twenty-two years ago, to keep everything. I owe no debts. I paid them all, and have proof to the fact. I also have accounts with three credit reporting agencies and receive regular updates to my history and current accounts. All of them.

    That being said, I have received calls from seven different companies in the last eight or nine years, trying to collect a debt that was settled with the originator, in court, and then later the remainder was sold to a collection agency during the demise of the originating debtor(bank no longer exists). I fax the documental proof, which somehow never makes it, I e-mail which somehow gets diverted and I snail mail hard copy which somehow get's lost in the mail. I have resulted in doing all three at the same time and added that the snail mail has a return receipt.

    It has pretty much become a joke, because it's only a matter of time before a new collection agency starts calling and trying to collect the debt.

    The one common factor with all of them is that they have the burden of proof. Ask them to get proof to you that you owe the debt. If you owe the debt, arrange payments. If you can't afford the payments, then you may have to deal with some harrassment.They can only take it so far though.

    If you don't owe the debt, there is always legal recourse, but how far you are willing to take it is up to you.

  • Sa
      14th of Sep, 2012
    +1 Votes

    Funny stuff! I read the "Tool" guy, and figure that being a "Collector" is simply a term for an uneducated fool, with no other career options. I googled this company in regards to a phone call from a Larry Dennis. Obviously of African decent. And surely acted that way. He called in regard to a friend's outstanding debt, and I instantly knew it was a scam. He claimed an item was sold at auction, when in reality, my buddy still owned the said item. Now it was only a few hundred dollar debt, but obviously, he's a ###, who doesn't research the "client". I would recommend telling these idiots to piss off. Garnishment? oooooh. When some people have other obligations, credit garnishment takes last place. Example, Child Support. So take the 15 dollars a month till its paid off. Noone needs credit anymore. Obama will bail ya out.

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