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Centerpoint Energy / connection

1 Houston, TX, United States Review updated:

I recently moved out to my own apartment with 2 kids. I thought the hardest thing would be finding an affordable apartment. Boy was I wrong. I called Centerpoint Energy to get my gas connected on March 2nd paid my deposit on March 3rd. The deposit payment has been taken out of my Bank account. They told me my gas would be connected on March 6. Today is March 14 and my Gas is still not connected. I called on March 6 they told me there was a system error, that my turn on was not ordered and my gas would be connected on the 8th. Guess what it still was not connected and Im having to order out because I am not able to cook and sponge bathe my kids cause I refuse to baith them with cold wated and have them get sick. I even spoke with a Ignorant Supervisor who was blaming me for not having my gas on and didnt even care that I had young children to bathe with cold water. It seems everytime I call the Customer Service Specialists get ruder. I call today March 14 and they tell me the connection for my apartment was never ordered and that now I have to wait until March 15 to get connected. This is the most ridiculous and incompetent customer service department I have talked to. They take advantage because they are the only gas company in the city of Houston. I hope this changes soon. Because they talk to people like ignorants and they treat people like they want.

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  • Tx
      2nd of Dec, 2011
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    They showed up as I was pulling up with groceries, then the guy says he's there to check the meter. I let him to the meter and he doesn't say he's disconnecting it, but just does. My step-father after making sure checks have cleared so he can pay, uses their automated services to pay, our bill was $80, but the charged an additional $70 for reconnection fee and $2.77 for automated service fee, it then props him for either completion of the order or and additional $49 same day fee (at 5pm for Dec 01). My step-father, already paying nearly double chooses to just complete the order with no same day fee and gets a confirmation number, then it disconnects. As every other service (utility, phone, internet, premium tv, etc) we've dealt with uses the confirmation as a completion and request of standard next day reconnection, my step-father expects the same. I and my aunt take off work and wait all the next day (today Dec 02) so we don't miss the technician and have two sets of ears. After hours of waiting, by step-dad checking in ever hour or so, he suggests I call to see if Centerpoint can give an estimate when the technician will show up. I make my call at 3:25 and am on hold for 10 minutes before it disconnects me, I call right back and then am on hold for another 15 or so minutes before the rep gets on and tells me that the system shows we paid, but no appointment was set to get it reconnected; She then tells me that after 4pm it requires we pay the $49 same day fee, I get my step-father on the line, because it is still before 4pm, we try to be cordial, she tells us the same garbage, despite us pointing out that it is still before fore, and she even says, "Yeah, 5 minutes til 4", we ask for a supervisor and are then put on hold for another 20 minutes. When the supervisor gets on she apologizes for our stupidity, and says Monday is the earliest they can do it, and even says that if we want it faster we have to pay the $49, we point out when I called, and she says "You've only been on the phone since 10 til 4", to which I point out that is when their rep picked up, but I've been on hold way longer, she even tells us that even if we pay the $49 it will still be Monday before the technician can get out.

    It is criminal what they do. I have half a mind to let them reconnect, and then make sure anytime their technician shows up there is a sign on the fence warning about pitbulls and requiring a scheduled appointment to enter my yard, as well as claiming any entrants without permission have been warned and entry is an acceptance of liability for their own health at possible mauling and/or other bodily harm by canine and/or human defense of my property. Then when they call for an appointment I inform them of the safe passage fee, the expenditure of my time fee, the private viewing of my yard fee, the parking on or in front of my property without a authorized permit fee, the surcharge to remove the exemption from their personal liability while on my property fee, and see how they like having to pay through the nose just to try to screw me. Yes, they have the right to turn off my gas, but under the 2nd Amendment I have the right to protect my property. Perhaps it would work, perhaps it would just frustrate them like they frustrated myself, my step-father, and obviously many others.

  • Ju
      20th of Aug, 2018
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    CenterPoint Energy - Reckless driver on Grandparkway
    United States

    I need to report a reckless driver that nearly ran me off the road in a centerpiunt energy truck. He did not use a blinker when shifting lanes and drove on the shoulder, then proceeding to slam on the brakes to try and get me to rear ended him. The drivers truck number is 2928. Please contact me ASAP 2815362956

  • Ci
      18th of Sep, 2018
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    CenterPoint Energy - gas
    United States

    I paid my bill and they still came and cut my service, they took my money out of my card and they came and unhooked everything, I told them my son is sick and they didnt care. All the proof is in my card account summary. I think I am switching soon and do not recommend this company oh and I talk to a lady first she was rude and hung up!

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