Center Point Energy - GasFailure to return overpayment to gas account


My husband made a wrong internet payment submitting a US$ $ 7032 instead of US$ 70.32 last March while we were in a hurry leaving for a trip last March 2009. We have paid BIG time as Center point has failed to return the money they owe us.
It took them weeks to understand the problem and do something about it, then we were transferred to Mrs. Susan Ackerman who said that they would make a deposit to my husband's account for the amount paid. After it, it is been a huge struggle for Center Point to successfully place the money to my husband's account due to 'technical difficulties' with Chase Bank. My husband had to go back and forth between these two in order to clear up a transaction none could understand! Finally, a couple of weeks ago my husband got the money into his Chase account and we thought it was the end of the story. He went to a Chase branch to ensure the money was there at the end of May and was not going to be removed and guess what happened. They have removed the money due to the 'disappearance' of the check Center Point claims made to the Chase Bank for this amount. The check is not found on the system reason why we are left without US$ 7032 again!!!
The unbelievable is that it is US the ones having to deal with the Chase Bank as Center Point not just kept and keeps failing to pay us back but to do it properly ensuring all mechanisms are in place with the bank.
Now I am going tomorrow to downtown to deal face to face with these people looking for a physical proof they've done what they said they did which honestly I do not believe anymore. That means, I have to miss work and money to look for a way to close this matter successfully.
All these months to make a single payment transaction???
It is unbelievable.
If anybody has any advice about other routes to proceed and get this fixed I am all ears.

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