Cebu Pacificfree flight card

During apec they cancelled our original flight from manila to kuala lumpur and kuala lumpur to singapore. They rebooked us on a nov. 20 mnl-sing 5j803 / 25 nov sing - mnl 5j804 / l6%*2s / upon our return on the 25 nov... The check in counter personnel at changi airport gave 2 calling card sized free flight card telling us it is us 2 one way free flight internation or domestic... I have to call their contact center to redeem the voucher... I called december, january, february, march... Spoke with 7 different agents finally spoke with tony he said I already have the voucher and they need 24- 48 hours to get my voucher numbers he said he and his supervisor are sure and looking at my account that I have a voucher... So I asked is if it is safe to book the outbound to singapore he said so I booked a one way flight from d%^ to singapore... When I called again they I am not qualified for any one way flight.. I got upset... And the agent I spoke with said to give them a call after 24 hour that was march 7, 2016... Caap / dotc please help on this issue.. They are making fools out of their customers... I went to davao airport and the supervisor on duty asked how did I get those card because they don't normally give out the free flight... I told her to my disgust... Are insinuating that I stole these cards at the check in counter in singapore... My god the nerve... As usual they gave a contact number but nobody answer... They asked for my email and I have been waiting for a month nobody emails me... Ano ito harap harapang lokohan?

Mar 08, 2016

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