Cebu Pacific / flight cancel and delays


First we have a flight cancelled on December 24 from Dumaguete to Cebu. Then they gives us vouchers for free flights that we will never use due to being here for a short time. So what use will they be for us? Then we are stuffed in vans and driven all the way to Cebu Now we are here in Cebu again waiting for flight to Manila December 27 11am and again informed we are delayed. What kind of company is this? Constant delays and cancellations, for what I hear it is always like this. I don't want the vouchers I want my money back. Also waited in line to check in was over an hour due to uneducated workers.Maybe better training would help in the future. I expect a response to this email and some kind of retribution. If not I will be contacting the head of the company personally. I am a professional in a big company and will inform all to never use this company. Please contact me asap to explain why I was treated so badly. Regards, Gary J. Campbell

Dec 26, 2015

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