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Hi this is to raise a complain regarding Cebu pacific the service and the booking I did when I was in vacation last oct 3 2017 I booked a flight on that mentioned date using my debit card then proceed to payment and since I am using a mobile banking after I purchased I immediately received a SMS from my bank that I have purchased certain amount and it was deducted on my account afterwards I was waiting for my booking reference since it's already deducted to my account however I did not recieve any and since I was thinking probably the airlines might have system error I was concluding that my name will surely be on the system or on the list of passenger since I'm paid. upon the day of my departure and I was on the airport I really feel embarrassed cause upon checking in the staff attended to me ask about my reference booking and since I don't have it I told him to check on the system however the staff told me that my name was not on list of those passenger I was very angry to the point that I literally cried cause I have international flight to catch That day, I asked and showed to the staff the SMS I received from my bank and that amount I purchased was being deducted and I was waiting for an answer as to why it happens apparently he replied that they have error on the system and they return the purchased amount which is infact it wasn't.. considering that I have international flight to catch they never give me an option or any assistance instead they told me to purchased a ticket right away with a double amount of what I purchased ..I was very tense cause there's no other flight after that and obviously there's no way to catch my international flight if I wont be able to cath the flight but unfortunately I missed it, . my experience was horrible and worst ever since what happen to me was crazy as I rebooked another domestic flight and international flight and also my time and my schedule To report to work was affected..
I hope I will get a reply from this complaint as soon as possible..

Oct 17, 2017

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