Cebu Pacific Airpoor customer service and supervisor

I called cebupac (April20, 2017-9PM) to purchased additional baggage to my flight the on the following day (April21, 2017) However, 1st Representative, cannot assist me and entering my card details to pay the said amount for my baggage. giving reason are not convincing. Requesting several times to talk to his supervisor. like 3-4x or more. and the call last for almost 2hours. for the last time, I requested for a sup. call so that they can assist me and give me the best resolution for my concern. And it end up disconnect the call. That was so RUDE in my part since I've been in the phone for almost 2hours now. Then, I rang again. Spoke with a girl representative, same thing happened cannot enter my card details and giving out the same reason. when I requesting for a supervisor call. Supervisor took the call after talking to his representative for almost or more than 4hours. And that was so RIDICULOUS!!! I raise my concerns to him about what did his agent done on me. Because I want that first agent will be given a sanctions of what he had done on me. And, supervisor NASH advise me that he will call me back after 3days or so. but until now I haven't heard about him. Don't wait until I'll be calling you and raise the same concern. I need a call back from you about my complaints!!
Booking ref: BG6T9H.
They got my contact details on how they can reach me.
Attached here is the booking reference. I need a feedback ASAP!!

Cebu Pacific Air

May 04, 2017

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