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Unacceptable situation

My name is [removed] and my booking reservation was cedrja.
This email to complain what happened to me.
I have booked the flight no. Dg6043 of the 19th may from manila to coron in march and I paid everything in advance by card. First, I wanted to book via other portals but then I decided to book directly through your website.
The worst mistake ever. Until the firsts of may, everything was regular and the reservation was still confirmed, then I decided to add a luggage on my flight and the un-incredible happened.
I tried a few times to pay the balance due of 500 pesos but the transactions were always denied even though my cards were all available. I decided to pay everything in the airport because nobody answered my emails and calling from abroad was expensive.
When I arrived in the philippines, the first thing I did was to call the cebu pacific air customer service.
The service was very poor. I talked first with mr. Paul who said that my reservation was not valid!!!
I've explained him that the money was charged from my credit card and I had the flight confirmation so he could not tell me that my reservation was not valid. He explained again that my reservation was not confirmed and said that the money was charged to check if the card was available but it will be accredited again.
What kind of joke is that? I am a traveller and I work in this field so I know how things goes. What an excuse.
However, he said he'd call me within 48 hours I said I hadn't much time because it was 3 days before the flight and nothing. No interest, no rushes. Nothing.
I've called again in the afternoon, i've talked with another person and back to zero again, explaining what happened. The call was interrupted because i've finished my load so I had to load my cellphone again (Calling your service is so expensive, I think i've spent about 1000+ pesos only for you, for your poor service).
Anyhow, i've called for the third time and spoke with a girl, she explained us what happened, that you had some machines problems and our reservation has been cancelled and you'd give us our money back.
Just an advice, in this cases never say that you give the money back because I don't need my money back, if I book a flight is because I need it. Don't you think so?
This girl after almost an entire afternoon on the phone, letting us wait, said that she'd let us know within 48 hours. Do you understand that if I have a flight within 3 days I can't wait 48h???
The day after, we had to change our programmes (For your information, we were in the philippines for vacation and for bussiness and because of what happened we've wasted time changing our schedules) and we travelled from batangas to manila.
We went to the cebu pacific office near the airport and talked with ms. Diana who kindly assists us.
I've explained once again what happened (I believe that you should improve your service, I was so tired of explaining the issue. It's unacceptable) and she said that the reservation was no more available and that we would be refunded.
I've explained her that i've booked that flight for a reason, i've business in coron and because of you I had to change some schedules.
I've waited more than 4 hours in that office, waiting ms. Diana to fix the problem.
It's incredible how in situations like this no managers were available and nobody seems to care!
As I said to ms. Diana, if you had a machine problem and some reservations were accidentally cancelled is none of your clients business. I don't care if you had a problem and if you sell the flight i've booked 1 month before. It's also funny that who had problems are we, the first who booked that flight and not those who booked after us. Just because perhaps they paid more than us? You are so incompetent.
I could have sue you for this. Selling a reservation and receiving other money when some people already paid and didn't receive any communication of the problem and the cancellation.
Do you have any idea of what would happened if we didn't call you for the luggage clarification? We had no idea that our reservation was cancelled.
Anyhow, I don't want to dwell on this and waste other time.
Ms. Diana at the end proposed us other time schedule which at first I didn't accept. Why should I accept to change my flight for your problems? At the end, because she could not really fix it (I want you to know that i'm very pissed off about) I had to accept. I was so damn tired of waiting in your office. The 26th I had an appointment before flying back but thanks to you, I had to reschedule that appointment.
I really hope to receive a response; I did not really appreciate your service.
I fly a lot and I always book online but things like this never happened.

[name removed]

Jun 13, 2017

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