Cebu Pacific Airbad service and very very late arrival (over 4 hours) of flight 5j 458

Flight 5J 458 from Iloilo to Manila.
Both my partner and I arrived at Iloilo International airport over 2 hours early and booked in for this flight. We allowed over three hours in case of late arrival of the flight because we had been told in Australia how unreliable Cebu Pacific Air is. We had ongoing transfer to do at Manila to Singapore with Singapore airlines. We allowed over 5 hours to do a ongoing transfer by Singapore air lines to go to Perth.
1/ At iloilo international airport departure lounge there is one little flight monitor. It is placed so that you cannot get to see it because it is just after the security check in so is a very bust area for people being checked by security.
2/ The sound quality of the speakers for the announcement in the area was very fuzzy and even though my partner is Filipino she could not understand what was being said clearly.
3/ we did hear that the flight before ours was constantly being announced as being over booked and could people volunteer to give up there seats for other passengers. There was no mention the flight we was on had to try and get on this flight.
4/ Some people with international transfers we able to get on the previous flight that's is the ones that were told to. WE WAS NOT INFORMED OR TOLD TO.
5/ the flight we were booked on FJ 458 later announcement said will arrive late. Every 15 minutes or so the delay increased but under no circumstances was we told it would be over 4 hours late. WE would have made other arrangements had we known.
6/ The plane arrived over 4 hours late so we had missed our connecting flight from Manila to Singapore.
7/ We did fly Flight 5J458 to Manila and at the airport we complained with over 10 others who also had lost connecting flights due to the planes late arrival at iloilo. A member of cebu staff asked us to wait at the departure standby desk. we waited over 2 hours while they said they were trying to get us flights to Singapore to make our other connections. We though that we could make the last flight with Singapore Airlines from Singapore to Perth as we had allowed over 5 hours to transfer.
over 3 hours passed and all we was told was stop complaining and take a seat. We asked to speak to the manager he agreed it was zebu pacific fault we had lost our international flights out on Manila.
8/ nobody keeps us informed and after 5 hours we complained again this time the manager told us there would be a decision made by customer service about compensation and hotel and food for the night.
9/ We asked to speak with customer service and this was denied all we was given was an email address to follow up on and told that cebu pacific had no obligation as our flights were with another company and they agreed it was cebu fault but they will not compensate and they just washed their hands of us and just ignored us.
10/ Food and hotel for one night was offered which we turned down because we needed to get a flight that night not a day or two later.
11/ so to recap this whole experience.
Very poor information at Iloilo international airport.
Staff were rude to us and continued to say its our fault as we never asked to be put on previous flight that was over booked anyway.
At Manila we were made to wait many, many hours when in fact, had the staff said no compensation no responsibility we could have paid for another flight. with another airline and made our ongoing connection.
We was not allowed to speak to customer service floor manger denied us this.
So the flight never came so we lost many thousands of dollars on flights we were unable to board. We had to book new flight to Hong Kong then on to Perth which cost us thousands of Dollars because YOUR FLIGHT DID NOT ARRIVE.
The last thing is this. We had travel insurance with CGU so we telephoned them from Manila telling them what had happened. We had top insurance coverage for rescheduled, Delayed or Cancelled. They said because it was the airline's fault and we had a certificate to show it was there fault. We was not covered under the policy.


OF Course we and our family and friends will never travel with Cebu Pacific again. We will go on local talk back radio and talk about this and will post on social media so others can make a judgment on using your airline to travel to iloilo and believe me many filipinos in Perth will hear of this.

Steve and MIla
Perth, Western Australia

Apr 27, 2017

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