Cayman Airways / Gcm/mia failure to provide oap wheelchair assistance - 10th jan 2017

Grand Cayman, Cayman Islands

My mother, Sheila Garnham (85), returned to the UK yesterday using Cayman Airways to Miami and Virgin Atlantic to London but was completely let down by Cayman Airways as there was no wheelchair assistance provided in Miami. Aside of the flight being about an hour late, this meant that she had to walk through Miami airport and ask for assistance from others when she was struggling. She only just made it to her onward flight.
I am her son who arranged this trip for her and was appalled by the how this could happen. Incidentally I do not expect a response reflecting that Cayman airways contracts this out so it is not their problem as we have clearly contract with Cayman Airways only and therefore it is the airline's responsibility.
I expect a complete response as to how a competent airline can allow this to happen together with how you propose to compensate her for this disaster.
Robin Garnham

Jan 11, 2017

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