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I took my daughter to her appt everything going well but when we get ready to go to the back we all get up and go the guy twlls me I cant take my other two kids but I dont have anyone for my other two and he tells me to just leave my small kids out in the waiting room I said no and that ive always taken them back there nobody ever told me I couldnt and I never let my kids go into the back by themselves so after we all go back he is very rude doesnt tell us what is going on Dr comes in let me know what is happening with my daughter teeth the other guys come back in is just being absolutely harsh on my daughter teeth and I know he can tell he is hurting her the whole time and doesnt bother to ask her if she ok and if he being to hard once done we say thank you and leave I get to the desk and the front desk lady tell me the times but was being rude about it and then throw my appt card on the counter towards me and also keep ignoring me and being very rude then precedes to tell me that I'm not allowed to take any of my children so for the one who has an appointment back there and that next time I will have to stay out there with them and let my other child go back there alone I will NOT ever let my kids go back there alone for this reason just because he was made at me doesnt mean he need to take it out on my child ever.

Dec 07, 2018
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      Dec 07, 2018

    Kids don't belong there! Next time get a baby sitter or bring another adult who can stay in the waiting room with them.

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