Casey'smanagment behavior

Where to start, I was lucky enough to have gotten a job at casey's a few months ago or so I thought. Until you are hired on as an employee you don't realize just how corrupt it is. The manager, jessica eubanks is very childish, rude, and unprofessional. She will discuss her personal life with all employees no matter the circumstance. If she does not like you as an employee she will then result in unnecessary accommodations so anything you do will never be right or enough. When that situation occurs you will then be degraded to other employees and customers. She has a total of 5 employees working a 24 hour store because we have beaver dam casey's employees training so she will not hire any employees for our owensboro store and refuses to, simply because she doesn't like people. She has cut our hours down to 7 hour shifts so she doesn't have to give us a 30 minute break, and even sitting down when all work is done is frowned upon. When I first started I tried to go above and beyond to help make that store clean and run as smoothly as possible. As the weeks passed I started having to pick up the slack for employees the shift before me just to make sure my duties could be done to the fullest of my ability. Now I do only what I am required for that shift because it is each employee for themselves there is no such thing as teamwork.See the Top 10 Worst Complaints in Owensboro, KY I have not been properly trained and when something is not done to her standards she talks down to me like I should know better. The people I was trained by was an older woman who fell asleep 5 hours of the 8 hours we worked together and a young girl in the kitchen who wasn't properly trained herself. Jessica will tell people she trains all of her employees but I can count on one hand the times I have had encounters with her in the 2 months I have worked there and they haven't all been pleasant. I will avoid all contact with jessica and josh (assistant manager) at all costs. Even though josh truly wants to help us better ourselves he doesn't even know the first thing beyond being a cashier. He only gives out orders handed down from jessica. When trying to go to jessica about a situation it either costs too much money or goes beyond her ability to leave the office chair and will roll her eyes and make rude comments if she has to leave the office. When trying to go above jessica to april (district manager) we were told that april is aware of everything jessica does and her and jessica are friends!!! No matter what who we talk to it is always a dead end. Come january 15, 2015 beaver dam store will open and owensboro store will be left with 4 employees not including management. I'm not sure how a 24 hour store is supposed to run but it will either crash and burn or someone will have to step in and save the day.

Dec 17, 2014

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