Casey’s General Storeswrongful termination

B Nov 18, 2017

My name is Brady Kerns, I was fired from Casey's General Store at 515 South Sangamon in Gibson City on Sept. 13 2017. I was terminated by Janet Harden with no previous warnings, write ups, or violations. I watched a kitchen employee discard of a dirty piece of clothing (jacket) that had been left on top of food product all day. The jacket turned out to be another employees that left it there all day where no one had bothered to move it. Mind you I never came in physical contact of the jacket. Two weeks later after this event happened i returned from a small 3 day vacation where i was pulled into the office with the employee that discarded the jacket and we were fired. We were not offered termination papers or anything of the sort. Now it has been two months and members of the community have been coming to me and stating that Janet Harden and Chris Coker are stating I quit my job voluntarily. Since the termination I have not been able to find employment due to possible employers contacting them and recieving information of me resigning when my applications say I was fired. When it happened I swallowed my pride and let it go, but now it is still having effects on my life and future careers while no reprocussions to Janet, Chris, or anybody involved but me have arrisen. I hope you take the time to read this and respond. Thank you,

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