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Dublin Ireland, United States
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So... I accidentally book through these guys like an internet idiot because they are splashing Dollar-Rent-A-Car logos everywhere. So much for being a tech/internet lawyer for 20 years - still made this simple error. Anyways, find out I booked with them and then need to move my 3 day rental one day earlier (pick up one day earlier, drop off one day earlier). Call CarTrawler customer service...and the rep tells me "Due to this being a high demand vehicle, your change of moving your reservation a day earlier will be an additional $500. Would you like to go ahead and make that charge." My response "Absolutely not". I go back to, book the revised dates, save money.
Yes folks, the rental rate for make a last minute rental at Dollar was $114. I go back to CarTrawler...we will cancel your reservation but it will be an extra $31 processing fee. Best $31 dollars I ever spent :)
The fact is, their unethical pricing model probably works, and I am sure that they have a bright P&L ahead of them -- ugh.

Jan 10, 2015

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