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I booked a rental through Volotea for a car in Venice, It that was handled by Cartrawler. I got a confirmation booking number with the required documents to bring. The credit card with which the booking was made, my driver's license and the email that confirmed the booking. The booking was made with locauto. I brought all the required documents to the rental pick up desk and they refused to rent the car without a second credit card and they did not take debit Visa card. I was never told that I needed a second credit card and also that I could not use a debit visa card. Car trawler did not mind the Debit Visa card since they had charged me already. I could not get the car. I called car trawler and refused to cancel my booking or reimburse me fully for my rental. I had to book the car directly with Locauto which was almost $100 cheaper. Until now, Cartrawler has refused to reimburse the rental car and they have refused communication despite several emails.


  • Updated by val_bal, Mar 15, 2017

    total rip off and hundreds of complaints when you check consumer boards, trip advisors and several consumer agencies

Mar 15, 2017

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