Carrefour UAE / poor customer service, wrongly marked price on selected baby items

I visited Carrefour Al jimi mall on 28th of feb 2016.I went there to buy a baby chair which was advertised or displayed at 120Aed.Ihad gotten a new piece and come to the till point it scanned for 150AED.I was taken to the back and the lady says its two different pieces thats why its marked differently.Then she calls the manager who doesnt if greet has no sense of customer service tries to convince us that this is the last piece that why its advertised lower.1stly there was not a display to say last piece or there was not a choice to say this is 120 and the new one is 150.Very misleading to the public.Furthermore we did not take it as we walked away she asked the lady helping us which is 120.1stly she did not know what we were talking about but wanted to convince us.We went to the store manager who was not so helpful as we said we wanted tovtake it for 120.He even asked us wat do we want him to a manager do u ask a customer that .Well i always shop at this store but in future but in very dissapointed as we were treated as people who knows nothing

Feb 29, 2016

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