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Fujairah, United Arab Emirates Review updated:

I have purchased an LG 55” TV on Thursday 23/02/2017 at Carrefour Fujairah Century Mall. I left the store at 1820H (as per the security stamp). When I reached home and unboxed the TV, I found that it had a crack at the bottom of the screen. I immediately took the TV back to the store and was there before 7pm. After speaking to the very unhelpful Manager Mr. Salah Bin I was told that the cracked screen was my problem and they will not do anything. I was told by him and the aftersales counter staff that all this is explained at the back of the bill. After going through terms and conditions at the back of the bill, we realized that there is nothing that says the TV cannot be returned or replaced once it left the store. As I was speaking to the manager and he could see that he was in the wrong, I asked for his name and company identification number to take this issue further. At first he gave me his name on a piece of paper and when I again asked for his company id number he got upset and told me “Now I will give you nothing”, he then grabbed back the piece of paper that had his name on it and threw it onto the printer that was out of my reach. I also then told him to keep the TV and give me some sort of note stating that the TV was on the premises as moving it back and forth was obviously going to damage this more. He then walked away from me without saying a work and told the trolley boy to put the TV onto a trolley and wait for me to put it into my car.

My concern is, I was asked by the salesman to check that the TV was working and I told them that I will do my shopping and come back to see that it was ok but when I returned after my instore shopping, the TV was already boxed for me to take away. I did ask if the TV was working and was told that it was, not thinking that anything could be wrong and also from prior experiences in buying TV’s from Carrefour which I did not inspect I was fine with taking the TV home. The second concern is, the trolley boy that initially took the TV to my car, struggled to get it into the car and had to force it in. At the time I thought nothing of this and after speaking to my office staff that travels with me home and witnessed the incident, we realized that this could also have been damaged then. I am totally disgusted to find that I have paid such an exorbitant amount on a TV set that cannot be used and also at the service level that I had to endure when trying to explain the problem.

I would appreciate any assistance you could offer in this matter.

Feb 26, 2017
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  • Hr
      Feb 26, 2017

    I also had a horrible experience regarding their service. Their services are one of the worst. I can't understand how they still able to run the business. I ordered a month ago and didn't receive in time. When I got it's almost broken. Disgusting.

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