Carrefour Twin Tower Dubai UAE / your staff name renu lama bholan

Al nahda Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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This night june 11, 2017 19:32 lt me and my husband are buying some foods then after we go to cashier to pay that all items, sudenly while paying and my husband putting all the things at the plastic that cashier lady talking to another lady which is nepali also, they are talking in their nepali language she don't know that my husband is a nepali, she's telling that prostitute lady cannot put herself the things inside the plastic, then sudenly my husband get angry and tell to call the police then I ask why, he told me that cashier lady told you that you are a prostitute,, that time I get angry and I call the manager and I complain to that lady. Please make a corrective action. I will file a complain to the police or you make an action to that girl. Her full name is renu lama bholan from carrefour market nahda twin tower dubai.

Jun 12, 2017

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