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I live in madrid where the biggest supermarket chain is a french one named carrefour.
Their products like washing machines, computers, televisions, cameras etc come with instructions in many languages (sometimes as many as 13) except english. Considering that there a large number of brits in spain, I can only assume that carrefour does not want our business. So now if I can find an alternative supplier - I go there.

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  • Dd
      Jun 17, 2012

    It's fairly ignorant of you not to learn Spanish.

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  • Hi
      Jun 29, 2012

    I was happy with Carrefour in the main until today - French and Spanish are not the problem for us. They had in the Gandia store a bike that was faulty and damaged that they refused to discount so we asked when they would have one that had the dynamo working and no scratches. Don't know was the reply, and in any language the body said don't care. I have a good idea why Carefour share price is going down so fast, they don't care about the customer whatever language you speak.

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  • Le
      Mar 24, 2016

    Yesterday I bought an HP printer from Carrefour Cataya (Spain) . I wanted a specific model and they only had one left which was on display without a box. Nevertheless I bought it as I was assured it was brand new. When I got it home I tried to install it but it had a fault. I went on line to HP support and to my amazement, when I entered the serial number, HP told me that the warranty had run out in Dec 2015! I can only conclude that the printer was in fact second hand even though it was sold to me as new at full price. Surely, if this is so, the transaction was fraudulent.

    I am taking the product back to the store today to see their reaction. I'll keep you updated

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