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Malaga, Spain
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I wish to make a formal complaint after visting your branch in Torremolinos Spain today the 27th Januay 2017 at 9.30am.

I was in Spain from Hong Kong whilst visiting my elderley parents who reside there. I visited the customer service desk to return a bottle of whisky my Father had purchased in error. I had translated into Spanish that he had purchased it in error, he had paid cash but unfortunately no longer had the receipt. This information was printed on a piece of paper and passed to the assistant. Suddenly a number of staff descended on me shouting I needed a receipt; I have lived all over the world and travelled extensively and I have never been dealt with in such an agressive and threating manner. I explained I did not speak Spanish and was told by a supervisor who refused to give me her name that ' I was in Spain and should speak Spanish'. I have never heard such a racist comment. Spain is a holiday resort and thrives off tourism; treatment such as this does not make me want to visit Spain and certainly not Carrefour. When I said I was unhappy with my treatment one of the cashiers stood at the desk and started to laugh; ' I asked her what she found funny' but she didn't reply. I gave another female assistant my Father's Carrefour loyalty card and she located the purchase but still she refused to refund the item in the form of cash or a credit note. I asked them for a form to make a formal complaint and their names but each member of staff refused to give me their name. I have never received such despicable and rude customer service as I received today and it bordered on racism. I would like to pursue this as a formal complaint and I want a full investigation

Jan 30, 2017

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