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Briancon, France Review updated:

Recently I had the misfortune of shopping at Carrefour in Briancon. In front of a
display of Lindt chocolate was a large clear notice with a special offer. However,
upon paying and checking my receipt I found I had been charged 50% more than I should have been. At the entrance desk, a lady checked and rechecked the figures and pored over lists oblivious to my waiting, finally concluding that I had been charged
correctly. I asked her to come and see the offer price which was displayed but she
refused. I had begun calmly but this treatment now angered me and I demanded
vociferously to see the manager. Big mistake of course, since this allowed Carrefour
to perform the magical transmutation of their fault into mine due to my not being
"calm". Adding insult to injury security was called (I am in my 60s). We waited for
the manager who then proceeded to take his time poring over the figures refusing to
come and see the displayed price. In the end I forced the issue by going to the
display myself leaving him no option but to follow, whereupon he was obliged admit
that I had been correct all along. No apology while they disgruntledly refunded my
money. Their excuse - I was not calm. I had been perfectly calm for the first 10
minutes! What absolutely atrocious customer service.

Jun 21, 2014
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  • Ro
      Sep 26, 2014

    Surveys are being carried out on this company, .many people have not recieved a cheque from this company ...

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