Carrefour Madina Street, Amman, Jordan / poor hygiene and products receiving dock

Amman, Jordan

Dear Carrefour Owner,

Let me start by saying that I admire Carrefour Brand specially in the countries where the brand is safeguarded by quality of service and customer orientation. Nevertheless, in Amman/ Jordan, the newly opened Madina Street Branch really needs a visit from health inspections at Carrefour Intl, this branch is simply dirty starting from the unrefrigerated receiving point where chicken, mean, fridge items are received and by the time they receive their places they are already not suitable for consumption because they were exposes to sun and dirt at the receiving point where an urgent check needs to be done. Inside the store, the quality of vegetables, the hygiene is not present at all, it will be enough for you to send an inspector who will describe to you how this branch will damage the whole Carrefour image.
If you wanna check Carrefour express, just send an inspector from Carrefour France to the receiving point where you will see all types of insects and dirts of the world in one place, then tell me if you are willing to feed your family from such a supermarket.


Aug 15, 2016

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