Carrefour / foul smell and rude staff

Dubai, United Arab Emirates
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Around 0300hrs today we went to Carrefour Market located in Barsha Heights Tecom adjacent MMA Fitness centre.When we were in checking in the shelves where to shop some cornflakes for breakfast we experienced a very foul smell of something similar to something rotten probably in the freezers or something..It was so heavy and I almost felt like I would vomit.I went back to the counter and let my friend who had accompanied me to do the shopping cs I couldn't handle the disgusting smell.On the counter I came across the cashier by name Mohamed Askour who i approached on very humble tune to enquire why the supermarket was smelly as such which I never encountered before in other carrefour branches..Suprisingly the staffeta was equally rude and even questioned me why I went to search stuffs on that side if there was a smell.I requested to know whether there was a supervisor around I would talk to because the cashier was so ghetto without even an a tip of ethics on how to talk to customers or respond to questions..infact the last word we heard from him was "Kaliwali"which I still have a clue of what he meant..This was appaling on many levels and downgrade of standards exhibited by Carrefour..The experience was a total turn off.

Jun 09, 2017

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