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Dear Carrefour,
please be informed that i bought a cooker on the 1st of August and the delivery maximum due date was on the 9th of August, receipt number is 9201701, the cooker was not received up to date, i contacted carrefour call center which was 16061 and i submitted complaint on the 9th and nothing done so i contacted again this number and i received a wired answer that they cant help me any more as they are outsourced company and their only role is to submit a complaint to the branch but follow up on the complaint to be solved they don't have authority to follow up and the only solution will be to go personally to the branch to check why they didn't took action to solve this problem.
I asked from the agent the branch number to contact them, he told me that he is not allowed to give me the branch number and if i tried to get the number and call them they will not answer so cut it short and go to the branch. And that's what happened i called on 02-[protected], 02-[protected], 02-[protected], 02-[protected] and 02-[protected] all those numbers was not answering.

So i am requesting from carrefour international to manage this complaint as this reflect it's image as i didn't saw that an international hypermarket has no complaint resolving center and they leave their customer with this very bad after sale service with call center that his role is just receiving calls with a sentence "Sorry i can't help no more" this is not acceptable for an international hypermarket with good reputation outside my country, beside, I took so many actions with Carrefour Qatar & their services were extra-ordinary so there is a great problem with Egypt branch!!

So please seeking your quick action to save the image and the good service all over the world except Egypt.

My Name is: Dr. Ahmed Nour El-Din
Mobile number: 002-[protected] E-mail adress: dr.ahmed.[protected]

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  • Be
      May 15, 2014

    i've got a similar issue with an orbitrek. not customer oriented at all!!!

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  • Be
      May 15, 2014

    same issue. an orbitrek. i will start a small campaign over facebook to get their attention customers trickle out of their market!

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  • Us
      Jan 11, 2016

    Complaint by:

    Usama Bakery:

    Mob. +201223244958

    Location: Carrefour Hurghada

    Reg: Receipt number # 000002154037

    Good Morning

    I've been waddled gleefully into your Carrefour branch Hurghada, Egypt earlier today. to get some quick shopping as usually every day before I started my work, I selected many items between was "Ice Tea Lemon cane were priced in L.E 3.5 as wrote on the top of the cane “please look on attachment” Were on receipt you’ll find it’s pointed in L.E 3.75.The fact it was not the first time, I was embraced on such a reputed mistakes which I had noticed the supervisor as twice before. I told the cashier to return the receipt correctly & to delete it. He said I'd have to take the L.E 3.75, I told the cashier again to call a supervisor! Supervisor came & do nothing effectively same like before!

    Unfortunately I would have imagined what could happen in credit cards!! NO TRUST!

    Obviously the cashier knew the electronic pad was right & he NEVER offered me the L.E 3.5 however I decided to complaint for Carrefour headquarter to find more fare in their branches.

    Yours faithfully

    Usama Bakery

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  • Ah
      Jan 24, 2016

    لا يوجد شفافية فى التعامل مطلقا, أشتريت لاب توب و البياع قالى 14 يوم ممكن يرجع و لقيت أنة ممكن يرجع اذا كان فية عيب صناعة فقط, و اشتريت برنتر طلع مفيهاش كابل اليست اب و البياع قعد ساعة يوصفلى حلوتها من غير ما يقول انها بتتباع من غير الكابل و بردو رفضو برجعوها, أخر مرة أتعامل معاكم,

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